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Have you caught a fish this year?

10 Jun


By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Since 1980 Gloria and Dave Hedley have been running Hedley’s Trout Farm. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago to check out the place and see if the fish were biting! The farm is located at 84534 Marnoch Line in a beautiful slice of Huron County country-side.

First I will say that Dave is quite the character.  He will tell you when you arrive that his place is not for catch-and-release fishing – it is a farm, just like any other farm.

Caught a Fish at Hedley's

Since Hedley’s is a farm you do not need a fishing licence, there are no catch limits and there is no closed season, and no entrance fee! This is about the closest way to guarantee that you will catch a fish! While I was there we came across a family that had caught four or five rainbow and brown trout. Each of the kids had caught at least one fish and they were super happy.

My favourite part of this experience is that you can catch a fish and pay just a small amount to have it either scaled or filleted. The cost for your fish is $0.50 per inch and guess what, if you don’t have a pole you can rent one! They also have bait for purchase.  The one other “catch” is that you will have to get up early as fish bite the best in the morning!

Fish Jumping for food

Overall my experience with Hedley’s was great.   Dave even fed the fish and you could see them almost jumping out of the water. If you are looking for a great experience, where you get to bring lunch or dinner home, this is a great way to spend a morning! If you are looking for more information visit:

Good, Fresh Food at a Great Price!

28 Mar
The Good Food Boxes ready for Delivery

The Good Food Boxes ready for Delivery

By Diva Trista Russell

Like most people, I buy the majority of my food at the grocery store. During the summer, I like to stop by the Exeter Farmer’s Market, but in the winter I find it hard to source locally grown produce. The local food movement is growing in popularity, and has attracted some attention in the news lately as the provincial government is reintroducing the Local Food Act.
Purchasing the Good Food Box is one way I can get local, fresh produce year-round. The Good Food Box is a community-based project which provides Huron County residents with local vegetables and fruits monthly. The best part is the Good Food Box is only $15. According to their website, buying a Good Food Box means you can save up to 40% off grocery store prices!
Fresh food items in this month's Good Food Box

Fresh food items in this month’s Good Food Box

Here’s what I got in my Good Food Box for the month of March: a bag of green beans, a cucumber, 2 heads of garlic, 3 pound bag of carrots, hearty bean chili mix (with recipe), 5 pounds of potatoes, a whole cabbage, 2 peppers (red/yellow), 4 oranges, and a bag of brussel sprouts. Included in the box is a handy newsletter with recipes using the box’s contents as well as nutritional information and tips.

I used a recipe from one of my favourite cookbooks (The Looneyspoons Collection) to make a healthy crustless quiche for dinner using the peppers, potatoes, and garlic from my box.
Delicious & Nutritious dinner made from items in my Good Food Box this month.

Delicious & Nutritious dinner made from items in my Good Food Box this month.

You can place an order at a neighbourhood host site by the first Friday of each month. The nearest host site for me is the Exeter Library. All orders must be pre-paid in cash at the time they are placed and orders can be picked up on the third Thursday of each month at the host site.

Check out the Good Food Box’s website or visit them on Facebook. Join the local food movement!

It’s Syrup Time Again!

25 Mar

2013-03-09 12.24.36-2

The Sap was running well on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

By Diva Karen

By all reports the sap has been flowing well this season and Huron County has some great Maple Syrup producers.  I’ve enjoyed it a couple of times in the past week and I’m sure you’ll enjoy spring sweet nectar served like this too.

First, my all-time-favourite way to enjoy maple syrup is on fresh baked tea biscuits.  My grandmother taught me how to make these flakey treats years ago and they are still a big hit here.    I add raisins for extra goodness!

And last night I tried an easy new recipe.  I chopped up sweet potato, parsnips and carrots, drizzled them with olive oil, salt & pepper and baked for approx. 1/2 hour (stirred half way through).  Then, I mixed 1/4 cup maple syrup with 2 tbsp dijon mustard and 1/2 tsp garlic powder and glazed the cooked root vegetables.  My dinner guests enjoyed this sweet vegetable treat last night and todays microwaved left-overs were even better!

collecting sap the traditional way - metal buckets hang on the trees

collecting sap the traditional way – metal buckets hang on the trees

I visited the Drudge Family of Wroxeter right at their farm a couple of weeks ago.  The Drudge Family has been making maple syrup continuously since 1797!  So, I didn’t think I could go wrong and I purchased some light syrup – first of crop for 2013.

I was delighted to find on my tour through Huron evidence of both the newer way of collecting syrup with those blue syrup lines and large tanks as well as traditional method – metal sap pails nailed on the side of the trees.

Maple Syrup is also available in Huron County at

Robinson’s Maple Syrup in Auburn

Doris & Albert Schilbe’s (Facebook) product is available at Brandon’s Hardware in Bayfield.

Westlake Maple Products in Bayfield

and Cranston Farms Maple Syrup in Lucknow.

Cost for Maple Syrup this year is approximately $20/litre

I’ll be checking out the Belmore Maple Syrup Festival in a couple of weeks, so until then – Enjoy Spring’s Sweetness!

A Hobby Farm near Kinburn

25 May

by: Diva Jenna Ujiye

While I was in Kinburn a couple of weeks ago a friend noticed a miniature horse and what we thought was an Alpaca. We walked across the road and asked the owners if we could check out the animals. There were many more cute and fuzzy creatures than we could see from the road. When we got up close there were goats, the Aplpaca was a Llama, a bunch of miniature horses and their colts, baby ducks, kittens and more! There are many hobby farms in the area and I’m sure they would let you take a peek if you asked!


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