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The Sun Shone and Shines on 14/19

4 Jun the crowd pauses to enjoy entertainment along the trail during "Follow the Light"
the crowd pauses to enjoy entertainment along the trail during "Follow the Light"

the crowd pauses to enjoy entertainment along the trail during “Follow the Light”

by Diva Gwen Let me be clear; I love theatre, I love local talent, I love supporting grassroots initiatives, but more than that; I love being outside & moving! (as in not sitting, not as in packing boxes and saying goodbyes). So attending Follow the Light on Friday May 30th was golden in every way, including the warm evening sunshine. 14/19 Inc. presented a creative way to showcase local talent, and to broaden our perspective about what “art” truly is. Set along a lovely trail in Blyth, groups were guided on a walk that rambled over hills, fields and streams, with frequent stops along the way. We enjoyed theatrical performances and wonderful musical offerings as would be expected, but the organizers also had the wisdom to include weavers, painters, kayak, canoe and furniture builders, and even a fly fisherman. It was such a pleasant evening to be active and outdoors, and to be reminded that art is everywhere if we choose to see it, and that changing a venue can let us see the familiar in a fresh way. 14/19 Inc. is a promising and energetic initiative that will support the renovation of the Blyth Memorial Community Hall – home of the Blyth Festival –  and will develop and revitalize the charming and artistic community of Blyth through arts and culture. They have more great ideas ready to roll out, so be sure to follow them on twitter or mark them as a favourite website. Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 Inc 197 Dinsley Street Blyth, Ontario  N0M 1H0 email:

Visual Artist Ron Walker chats with the children while painting the landscape

Visual Artist Ron Walker chats with the children while painting the landscape

twelve or so harpists from the Huron Strings Harp School delighted the participants …

twelve or so harpists from the Huron Strings Harp School delighted the participants …

House Concerts intimate live music experience

27 Sep
photo submitted

photo submitted

by Diva Susan Pye

Debbie Carroll is a very generous woman.  She and her husband Bill open their home several times a year on Sunday evenings, to share the performances of local and visiting musicians with Goderich and area residents (please refer to Debbie’s web site Riverview House Concerts for additional details).Debbie and Bill live in a lovely home overlooking the Maitland River, and on select Sunday evenings, invite  fellow music lovers to join them in appreciating performances in their living room overlooking the river.  It is an intimate setting ideally suited to enjoying musicians make music, a rare opportunity to enjoy this personal experience rather than view it on a screen as we so often do these days.Last Sunday evening my husband and I enjoyed Debbie and Bill’s hospitality and listened with great enjoyment to MIL, a trio from Joliette PQ.  Claude Methe (fiddle, vocals and guitar), Dana Whittle (guitar, vocals, feet yes feet and cajon) and Denise Levac (flute and vocals) usually play with the Quebec band  Dentdelion, but are presently touring small venues as a trio. The trio performed traditional French Canadian songs and tunes as well as  a few written by Dana.  They performed in French, but thanks to the introductions by Claude and Dana and of course, the universal language of music, no translation was required.  It was great fun!
We also had the pleasure of hearing talented local musicians David Walker and Paul Howe.  David sang show tunes, and including a lovely rendition of “With One Look” from the Andrew Lloyd Weber show Sunset Boulevard, with Paul accompanying on piano.So, bring some finger foods if you wish, and for a suggested donation of $20.00 you will enjoy listening to talented musicians and singers perform live in a comfortable venue, within minutes of your own home!
- – -
From the website:  Owner, Debbie Carroll’s specialty is teaching early childhood music classes which involve the partnership of a child with a parent or caregiver.   She also has experience teaching and supervising classes up to the SK level.  Custom-designed mentoring may include private discussion, observation, feedback and/or repertoire. Also, anyone who wishes to simply expand on his or her selection and use of songs, rhymes and dances for young children will enjoy spending a few one-on-one hours with Debbie!
For more about Debbie’s mentoring programs, or her Children’s CDs visit her website.

Run Around the Square

14 May

My Number

My Number

by Diva Trista Russell

This past Sunday I took part in the Run Around the Square in Goderich in support of the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund. After having beautiful weather last week, I was expecting race day to be much the same. It was cold. Really COLD. And rainy and windy too. Even some freezing rain and snow made an appearance too! While the weather was a challenge that morning, some of my coworkers and I still decided to brave the elements in the 5km race. We weren’t the only ones, as there were 418 runners participating in the 5km and 10 km race. Proceeds raised from the run are used to purchase and donate life-saving defibrillators.

Run Around the Square 2013

Run Around the Square 2013

The race started and finished on the historic Goderich square, and wound around some residential blocks nearby. Even though the weather wasn’t the best for a run, it was nice that the route included some scenic views of Lake Huron. What was even more impressive was the huge amount of support from the community. It was obvious that volunteers were an integral part of the event. Even the entire neighbourhood celebrated the event with people cheering along the route: some with signs, some in camping tents shaking maracas to pump up the runners, some standing in the rain at the end of their driveways, and even police officers who were directing traffic took a moment to compliment each runner as they went by. The community support definitely made for a more enjoyable run and inspired me to get to the finish line.

I managed to finish 206th, which may not be impressive, but was a personal best for me. Congrats to all the runners who braved the weather and supported a great cause!


Neither cold nor rain hindered supporters of this Mother’s Day run.


Bargain Buying!

2 May

I know everyone is already thinking, wow, Kaylie had such an exciting day on Saturday, well folks I got more!!! After stuffing my face with Cinnamon Jim’s cinnamon buns, I headed to Clinton to do a little bargain shopping. I started at the Rack and Room, I had not been back in there since the fire and was looking forward to seeing it all cleaned up. My power bargain shopping afternoon was cut short however because I couldn’t fit anything else in my car .. oops!

I did quickly run into Elliots Liquidation though, just to have a peak, I hear continuously about all the deals people get at Elliots and I had to see what all the fuss was about. I do not want to even tell people about this place because I am afraid everyone will get there before me and get all the amazing things they have, for ridiculously low prices!! Seriously people, name brand quality things like furnature, kitchenware, food, jewelry.. EVERYTHING! It may just be my new favourite place! Very exciting! Nothing makes me more excited than saving money!

See you all there, but be prepared I will elbow you if you get in my way! :)


18 Apr

I mentioned a few days ago about a benefit concert being held at the Goderich Memorial Arena to raise money for GPS. The Full Nelsons and the Ashgrove both performed. It was a really great turn out, and it seemed everyone was having a great time. Both bands were fantastic! It was a really cool event, hitting a large demographic from college students to retired parents. I was happy to see everyone enjoying the evening! Hopefully GPS raised enough money to afford some play equipment!


26 Mar

Happy weekend everyone! It is the last weekend in March, woohoo, were that much closer to the lovely warm weather! Yesterday I posted about Earth hour, I am hoping everyone is making plans on how to spend their hour of darkness. Just thought I would put up these links for everyone to check out. DO IT






Earth hour

25 Mar

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday! I am sure that more of you already know that tomorrow is Earth hour, from 8:30-9:30! I hope everyone plans on participating!!! Shut it off, shut it all off! Its one hour that can make a huge difference! I really enjoy earth hour a lot, every year at university my roommates and I would shut everything off, light a bunch of candles, get a few bottles of wine and play board games, it was a blast. Make sure you all do your part and shut it off tomorrow night! Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


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