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Huron County – 29 Beautiful Hiking Trails

17 Jul MenesetungBridge

by Diva Calista Powell
When I was a kid it was nearly impossible to keep me inside in the summertime. I can vividly remember my best friend Brittany and I exploring the many hiking trails around Goderich. We told ghost stories at Tiger Dunlop’s tomb and watched many sunsets from the Menesetung bridge. To this day, my appreciation for nature has not subsided and I am happy to call Huron home as we have over 29 beautiful hiking trails to discover. Here are some of my favourites that I have explored this season:

Trail #1: Maitland Woods

This 3.3km hiking trail is on the south edge of Goderich and is family friendly. There are boardwalks put in place to protect the varieties of plant life along the way and it is not uncommon to see wildlife along the path. What is great about this trail is that in the winter time it makes for an excellent cross-country skiing adventure!

Directions: Main entrance is off of Parsons Court at the southwest corner of the Knights of Columbus parking lot in Goderich, Ontario.


THe Maitland Trail – hiking the gravel path at sunset.

Trail #2: Bannockburn Conservation Area

The Bannockburn trail has always been a favourite for my family, and every year we honour our tradition and attend their Fall hike hosted by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. I remember as a young kid I had a special mug that I would bring from home to fill up with hot apple cider to enjoy along the walk. The Bannockburn trail is also a favourite for many because you can bring your family pet as long as they are leashed. Also, there are alternate routes for hikers with a higher experience level. Come and enjoy the six natural communities Bannockburn has to offer; wet meadow, deciduous forest, old field, aquatic, marsh and white cedar.

Directions: Bannockburn Conservation is located on 76249 Bannockburn Line and is the first side road east of Varna off of County Road #3 (Mill Road).

Trail #3: MacNaughton-Morrison Trail

The MacNaughton-Morrison Trail is a 4km loop that is part of the South Huron hiking experience along the Ausable river. Known for it’s population of white squirrels, trail-goers can expect to see a variety of wildlife among the hardwood and pine forests. What is particularly great about this trail is that it is wheelchair accessible and even has a great volunteer-run “Trail Mobile” that gives people with limited mobility the chance to experience the beauty of nature free of charge. To book the Trail Mobile, contact Ausable Bayfield Conservation at 519-235-2610.

Directions: This trail is located off of MacNaughton Park in Exeter at 62 MacNaughton Drive.


For more information on these trails and to discover many more, pick up Ontario’s West Coast Hiking Guide or visit


Kitchen Radio opens Blyth’s 40th Anniversary Season

13 Jul KitchenRadioSet

by Claire Carter
I must begin this post with full disclosure.  I am a big fan of the Blyth Festival.  I love that the performances feature locally relevant topics, and exclusively Canadian plays.  I love visiting Blyth Memorial Hall, sitting in either the upper or lower balcony, and enjoying a world-class show in a Huron County village of 1,000 people.

I have been lucky enough that each of the recent productions I have attended have had bonus events.  Last year, I enjoyed a country dinner before a play (dinners take place Friday and Saturdays at different locations in Blyth, including churches, community centres and the Legion). The meal was lovingly prepared, and ended with so many different types of pie!  This year, the Huron Tourism Association was hosting the evening I attended.  Sweets and appetizers featuring local ingredients were available from local eateries and hotels, including Queens Bakery, Benmiller Inn and Samuels.

I was lucky enough to attend Kitchen Radio at the Blyth Festival on June 26.  The performance I attended was the day before the official opening, but as an audience member, I would have thought the show had been on stage for years.

Written and directed by Marion de Vries, the musical is set in 1968, and features a mainly female cast.  The play examines the relationship that women have with each other and music.  The play was captivating, and seemed to feature each of the four strong main characters equally, developing their personalities through song and dance.  The set and costumes were both fantastic.  Charming and funny, I found myself in good company with the rest of the audience, laughing and grinning at the on-stage antics.  Locally relevant tie-ins were made throughout the play, my favourite being that CKNX was the station being listened to over the radio.  Over a week later, many of the songs are still stuck in my head.  The YouTube clip below shows dress rehearsal of Kitchen Radio, and will give you an idea of the fun music and choreography you can expect in this play.

The Blyth Festival offers Canadian written and produced plays from late June through early September.  This season, four plays are set on the Mainstage (Blyth Memorial Hall): Kitchen Radio, Billy Bishop Goes to War, Stag and Doe and St. Anne’s Reel.  The Young Company presents Out of this World from August 27-30, and Radio: 30 is on stage at Phillips Studio from September 4-6.

Blyth Festival
Box 10
Blyth, ON  N0M 1H0
519-523-9300 / 1-877-862-5984




Diva Melody finds local organic pork

8 Jul

Huron County is home to caring farmers who care deeply about raising their animals in a stress-free environment.  Diva Melody discovered pasture raised pork at Linton’s Pasture Pork near Walton.  Read her full story at

A dreamy mud hole makes for happy pigs.

A dreamy mud hole makes for happy pigs.

Photo from Linton Pasture Pork's Facebook page. These piglets are three days old in this photo, and were fresh out of their mother when we arrived!

Photo from Linton Pasture Pork’s Facebook page. These piglets are three days old in this photo, and were fresh out of their mother when we arrived!

Ooh, Ahh, bacon!

Ooh, Ahh, bacon!
Jeffrey Linton – 519-955-2519
Walton, Ontario

Billy Bishop Goes to War captivated this Diva

8 Jul Photo:  Billy Bishop provided by Blyth Festival
Photo:  Billy Bishop provided by Blyth Festival

Photo: Billy Bishop provided by Blyth Festival

by Diva Melody Hodgson
In the past few years I have devolved into the type of person that cannot do anything without checking my phone.  Whether it be watching TV, eating a meal, hanging out with friends and family or, the most special, talking on a landline, my phone is never far from reach.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email (let’s not even get started on Google or AskReddit) have become my clutch to avoid being bored.  I fully recognize how pitiful it is, and it is not something I am terribly proud of, and I am working on it – trust me.  With that confession in mind, it was not without trepidation that I attended the opening night of Billy Bishop Goes to War at the 2014 Blyth Festival.

Two hours of no back-up plan; two hours of live theatre that did not have scene changes every 30 seconds or flashing lights or dramatic music like a movie does; two hours of me, paying attention, because there is no “pause” or “rewind”.  I went into the theatre blind, meaning I did not research the play, because I wanted to go in without any expectations and give it an honest shot.  So on Friday I turned off my phone, found my seat, and readied myself for what was to come.  And let me tell you, I was completely blown away.

JD Nicholsen, who plays the infamous Billy Bishop, is such a force of talent on the stage I will forever be in admiration of him.  His voices, facial expressions, sound effects and innate storytelling ability are so enthralling that I found myself captivated within the first scene.  Coupled with his stage partner Marek Norman who not only complimented Nicholsen, but also shone in his own regard, the two-man show kept the audience alternating between laughter, anticipation and dual admiration from open to close.  The play was fast-paced, the songwriting was lively, humorous and respectfully sombre when need be, and the visuals were beautifully incorporated into each scene.  Marvelously written and executed, Billy Bishop Goes to War is a true Canadian theatrical gem.


After the standing ovations had receded, and as the Blyth Royal Canadian Legion Colour Guard marched the colours out of the theatre to an audience performing a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen, I realized I had made it.  I had survived the two hours of live theatre…and I had loved it.  Perhaps you are like me, unsure if you have the ability to fully appreciate the skill and talent it takes to produce live theatre.  The skill and talent it takes to perform a live play in one shot, without any retakes or creative editing.  Or the skill and talent it takes to keep an entire audience captivated  for any amount of time, nevermind for the full duration of a play.  And if you are, fear not, you can overcome it – I promise.  Luckily, Billy Bishop Goes to War is a great place to start.





Huron County Museum offers great Summer Family Activities

7 Jul the Huron County Museum is housed in a magnificent structure on North Street in Goderich
Behind the Bars is a summer favourite … returning again in 2014.

Behind the Bars is a summer favourite … returning again in 2014.

Behind the Bars is a great family event that offers special evening tours. Go “Behind the Bars” and meet some of “Faces of Gaol” on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Huron Historic Gaol. Experience the history as you explore and learn about life at the Gaol between 1841 and 1911. This interactive event provides visitors with the opportunity to explore this National Historic Site while meeting historical figures from the Gaol’s past. Tour the Gaol and Governor’s House to learn more about the men, women & children who lived and worked behind the bars.

Tuesdays & Thursdays from July 10 to August 28 | 7 to 9 PM
Huron Historic Gaol – Admission: Adults $10, Children $5, Family $25

Read about Diva Trista Russell’s experience last year at “Behind the Bars” HERE


Read on for more great events at the Huron County Museum and Gaol.

the Huron County Museum is housed in a magnificent structure on North Street in Goderich

the Huron County Museum is housed in a magnificent structure on North Street in Goderich

Learning and fun! Drop in, Interactive activities to compliment your visit are included with regular admission.

Museum Sundays – 2 PM to 4 PM

Faces of Huron County – July 6 & August 13

Explore the “Our Stories” exhibit while you hunt for clues to uncover the stories of Huron County residents featured in the exhibit. Meet someone you might know have known was from our County.

Discover unique artifacts at the Huron County Museum

Discover unique artifacts at the Huron County Museum

That’s So Weird! – July 13 & August 10

Discover quirky artifacts from the Huron County Museum’s collection. Will it be neat, gross, or just plain weird?

Enjoy old sounds at the Noteworthy Exhibit

Enjoy old sounds at the Noteworthy Exhibit

Melodic Doodads & Gizmos – July 20 & August 17

Try out a variety of different musical instruments and start creating your own music in our “Noteworthy” exhibit.

Enjoy a Victorian Tea Party

Enjoy a Victorian Tea Party

Victorian Tea Party – July 27 & August 24

The Huron County Museum would like to extend their cordial invitation to a Victorian Tea Party. Enjoy fine teas, crafts, and sweet treats for all.

The Huron County Gaol has a significant history and designated a heritage site by Canada … learn more about the Gaol at these great events.

The Huron County Gaol has a significant history and designated a heritage site by Canada … learn more about the Gaol at these great events.

Gaol Mondays – 2 PM to 4 PM

Escapes! – July 7 & August 4

How would you to escape from our Gaol? Over the wall, through the front door or on the run? Discover how some inmates managed to escape.

Building a Gaol – July 14 & August 11

Learn about our architect, his designs and the Gaol committee. Using a brick Gaol model, add on your own modifications and special touches.

Larceny, Spoil & Destitution – July 21 & August 18

Discover some of the unique laws and charges that would have landed you in our Gaol from 1841 to 1911.

Hangman’s Noose – July 28 to August 25

For more serious crimes some of our inmates spent their last days at the Gaol. What would it have been like to witness their public hanging and learn about the man who had to do the job.

This small museum located at the main beach and harbour area, in Goderich is dedicated to the men and women who made their living on Lake Huron.

This small museum located at the main beach and harbour area, in Goderich is dedicated to the men and women who made their living on Lake Huron.

Marine Museum Fridays – 2 PM to 4 PM

July 11 to August 29 – Marine themed crafts & activities such as Harbour Silhouettes, Semaphore and more.

Shelter Valley Campground offers plenty to do

2 Jul Our tiny little cabin was cozy and sweet!

by Diva Christine Harris,

I packed up my husband and my little dog Maggie and we went to spend some time at Shelter Valley Campground this past weekend.  We were greeted by Linda Lucier, who is one of the new owners with her husband Shawn.  She was very helpful getting us situated in the cute little cabin we were to stay in.  This cabin is the only one on the campsite, which made us feel a bit special when some of the other campers took notice and asked if they could take a peek inside.

Our tiny little cabin was cozy and sweet!

Our tiny little cabin was cozy and sweet!

Shelter Valley Campground is located on highway #8 between Clinton and Goderich.  Once you turn off the road you drive down a pathway to the campground in the valley right next to the Maitland River.  There are plenty of amenities and things to do at the campground.  They have a store full of everything you might have forgotten to pack or have ran out of, and if you happen to feel electronically deprived you can even sign up for wifi.  There is lots of playground equipment for the kids, a pool, and shuffleboard and horseshoe pits for the adults. They even have foosball, ping-pong and darts set up in hall.  The weekend that we were at the campground, there was a movie playing, a bass fishing derby, kids crafts, kids bike parade, ice cream social, wagon ride, and a 50/50 draw.


Activity Board keeps everyone "in the loop"

Activity Board keeps everyone “in the loop”

We really enjoyed staying in the cabin.  It has two bunks (double on bottom, single on top), a mini fridge, fold out table, chairs, BBQ with propane, hydro, picnic table and a fire pit. There is also a cute little porch to sit on out front to catch some shade during the day.  The cabin is also situated between both river access points and just a short walk to the store and washroom facilities.  All around the cabin are trailer sites and we were pleasantly surprised by how many friendly people stay here.  Almost everyone said hello as they passed by, and someone was even nice enough to let us know that our interior lights had stayed on in our vehicle.

Overall we really enjoyed our stay at Shelter Valley Campground.  Great scenery, great people, and plenty to do!  For more information check out their website: or call Linda or Shawn at 519-524-4141.

Camping requires a roaring fire to sit around, doesn't it?

Camping requires a roaring fire to sit around, doesn’t it?

Double size on the bottom, single on the top bunk

Double size on the bottom, single on the top bunk

The camps sits beside the beautiful Maitland River

The camps sits beside the beautiful Maitland River

The little porch on our cabin

The little porch on our cabin

The store was well stocked with camping essentials

The store was well stocked with camping essentials

Look, No Hans! – Huron Country Playhouse II

28 Jun

by Diva Christine Harris

This was my first visit to the Huron County Playhouse II.  I was quite pleased with the seating, being a short person I sometimes have difficulty seeing over people’s heads.  There was a gentle slope to the floor and the stage was just high enough to see everything, but not strain the neck.  There really isn’t a bad seat in the house.  The set was well decorated, and presence of many rooms off of it gave it much more depth and allowed the play to expand. The actors worked very well together especially with some of the coordination they had to perform with timing and props.  Overall everything came together very nicely and it was easy to get lost in the story.

Synopsis: Peter Fisher is posing as the head of a British car company located in Berlin.  There he is to await the arrival of a top industrial spy from East of Hans with a special package.  His plans of a quiet birthday go out the window as he tries to keep his cover by juggling a wife whose plane is delayed, his mistress, a singing telegram girl and a senior inspector.  Join this six crew cast in the cozy Playhouse II and find out how Peter gets himself out of this predicament.

Susan JohnstonCollins, Kevin Kruchkywich,Jacob James and Steffi D iDomenicantonio

Susan JohnstonCollins, Kevin Kruchkywich,Jacob James and Steffi D iDomenicantonio

Huron Country Playhouse & Playhouse II
Grand Bend, ON  N0M 1T0

Local Box Office: 519-238-6000 | Administration: 519-238-8387 | Fax: 519-238-6587
Open June 2 to August 31, 2014.  Please call: 1-855-drayton (372-9866)

Kevin Kruchkywich, Kaitlyn Riordan, and Jacob James

Kevin Kruchkywich, Kaitlyn Riordan, and Jacob James

Production photos from

Huron Adventures

26 Jun Huron Adventures Crew2

By Diva Melody Hodgson

Living in Huron County, the love and pride felt by the residents is evident in even the simplest of conversations.  Pride in their land, homes, the bounty of all the area has to offer; love of their relationships, workplaces and the general feeling of community partnership and support.  Many of us are fortunate to share at least one, if not all of these sentiments.  Rarely, however, do we get to combine them all and create a work environment that embodies everything we love.  Welcome to Huron Adventures Inc.  (On Twitter)

The brainchild of Genny Smith, Huron Adventures Inc. packages the best of what Huron County has to offer and curates a tailored experience for each of their clients.  Genny, along with Heather Boa (Communications), Craig Sinclair (Graphic Design), and Angela Smith (Photography), have taken their shared love of Huron County and created a company that takes the guessing out of experiencing.  Whether you are looking for a genuine adventure (hiking, crossfit and wakeboarding – oh my!), a culinary experience, or a theatrical creation, Huron Adventures Inc. has all the passion and partnerships to let you in on the many adventures we have hidden within our beloved county.

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be able to join Genny and her crew on their inaugural adventure with Steven Sparling and the Canadian Propane Association corporate retreat attendees.  If you’re anything like me, I often feel intimidated by the limitless options we have within the area and end up doing much of the “same old” every weekend since I can’t make a decision.  Luckily for everyone, Huron Adventures Inc. had the whole day planned out, leaving any decision making out of the equation.

I met the group at the Queens Bakery in Blyth after their chartered bus pick-up at the Benmiller Inn & Spa.  Located in a beautifully renovated heritage building on main street in Blyth, the espresso bar features local artisanal products (coffee, cheese, maple syrup, etc) and fresh baked goods in a super relaxing and chill environment.  From here we were to grab a beverage of choice (hello Royal Canadian coffee!), where I looked like an opportunistic coffee mooch by joining the group’s coffee order prior to an introduction.  After some laughs, we were on our way to experience a historic tour of Blyth hosted by one of the town’s most avid ambassadors – Rick Elliott.

Queens Bakery in Blyth

Queens Bakery in Blyth

Rick’s historic tour wound it’s way past the Blyth Memorial Hall (we were unable to enter the hall due to theatre rehearsals; the festival opens Wednesday, June 25th), and led us towards the soon-to-be repurposed Blyth Public School.  As a defining component of Blyth’s Campaign 14/19, the old public school will be re-established as a School of Art and Design within the next five years.  After a humourous education regarding the longstanding familial rivalry between rutabagas (thank you autocorrect) and turnips, we toured past Howson Mills where the smell of durum wheat at the flour mill made us think longingly of all of the delightful goodies we left behind at the Queens Bakery.

The final leg of Rick’s walking tour brought us to the Blyth Greenway Trail.  Situated on old CPR rail lines, the walking trail features fitness stations nestled alongside the Blyth Brook and is one of town’s hidden gems.  It was here, in this peaceful and relaxing environment, that we met our next adventure…Jen Fleming of The Tank Crossfit in Goderich.  All smiles and full of contagious energy, she presented us with this lovely whiteboard:

Nothin’ to it...right?

Nothin’ to it…right?

“Surely she can’t be serious”, I said to myself.  A few seasons of office work had fooled me into thinking my semi-daily walks were enough to keep me “fit”.  I was sorely mistaken, but since this was a day of adventure and trying new experiences we all dove right in.  There is something to be said about how great it feels to remember muscles long forgotten, but I will be forever grateful to the kind soul who decided all buses should have a handrail to climb and descend stairs with.  The program Jen created for us was fun and energetic, and we all spent a good portion of the exercises alternately laughing (at ourselves), and negotiating repetition counts.  It’s not every day you get to hold a propane tank over your head while your partner pounds out dreaded burpees!

Hey,’s that one-armed push-up going?

Hey, Manitoba…how’s that one-armed push-up going?

The CPA Group after the Fit Tank Goderich Crossfit experience!

The CPA Group after the Fit Tank Goderich Crossfit experience!

Once we had completed the team building crossfit extravaganza, we hopped (I use that term loosely, we did just complete a million lunges) back onto the bus and began the trek out to Bayfield for some wakeboarding and stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

As you will learn, I love food, and this lunch was one of my favourites.  Shop Bike Coffee Roasters (a locally operated establishment in Bayfield with a lovely shop bike I am extremely envious of) sponsored the lunch featuring gourmet sandwiches, gluten free pasta and sweet treats all from the Black Dog Pantry.  To top it off, they had a variety of their organic & fair trade coffee options available to try.  Ah-may-zing.


ShopBike2smA snippet of the delicious spread by Shop Bike and the Black Dog Pantry

The energy that palpated through the bus on the drive to Bayfield had diminished somewhat by the time we boarded for our return to Blyth.  Not out of any sense of disappointment, but rather a combination of exhaustion and reflection; we had already experienced more of what our county has to offer in one day than most (myself included) choose to experience in a month.

The final stop on our adventure tour found us once again in Blyth, this time at Part II Bistro under the care of chef extraordinaire Peter Gusso.  Chef Gusso and his staff had prepared the restaurant for a private sushi lesson.  Each person was to create a sushi roll for another person in the group, however they liked, at which time the recipient would do the same for the next person.


Smoked trout sushi created under the guided direction of Chef Peter Gusso.

With full bellies, a few rutabagas, and big, tired smiles it was time for the CPA crew to call it a day.  Thanking them before they boarded the bus back to Benmiller, I was at a loss of words to fully explain how much I appreciated being able to join them that day.  The passion and dedication the Huron Adventures Inc. crew have for Huron County, small towns and local businesses is inspiring.  Their business model will create sustainability within the community through their shared partnerships and dedicated goals.  Huron County has so much to offer, not only to visitors, but especially to those who reside within our boundaries.  It is sometimes easy to forget, but like Friday showed me, it is sometimes just as easy to remember as well.

If you aren’t excited about Huron Adventures Inc yet, you need to be.

Huron Adventures Crew2

L to R, Heather Boa, Angela Smith, Genny Smith and Craig Sinclair of Huron Adventures Inc.


Huron Adventures Inc.

Secret Garden to be discovered

25 Jun The Secret Garden Bed and Breakfast

SecretGarden4Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting Josef and his son at the Secret Garden Bed and Breakfast in Bayfield.  This 1860 cottage on Clan Gregor Square has been a Bed and Breakfast for many years (prior name Clair-on-the-Square).  I asked Josef where he got the name and it was inspired by the book and movie of the same name.

see these great photos at trip

Located just steps from Bayfield Town Hall, this comfortable bed and breakfast promises all the amenities of home.  There is a common room and if a party chooses to book the entire Bed and Breakfast, kitchen access is included.  For single bookings, breakfast is included.  Air conditioning promises comfort during the hot sultry days of summer.  And, each guest room has its own bathroom.

Josef shared that he has a wide variety of guests from Canada and the United States … and abroad including international travellers from South Africa, Belgium and England.

SecretGardenOutThe back yard gardens are spectacular and they attract beautiful birds and butterflies.  Josef enjoys watching the hummingbirds in particular, as there are none in Germany where he grew up.

Josef invites you to Bayfield to enjoy his warm hospitality and encourages you to experience great food at one of Bayfield’s popular restaurants – many of which have really creative chefs dedicated to serving local foods.  There’s also unique shops to pop into on main street, a Writers event and summer Festival events taking place all summer long.

The Secret Garden Bed and Breakfast
12 The SquareBayfield, Ontario N0M1G0
Phone : 1 (519) 565-2113

Follow on Facebook


SecretGarden2  SecretGarden3



A Shopping Trip to the Exeter Market

24 Jun Exeter's Farmer's Market

by Diva Christine Harris

Exeter's Farmer's MarketIt was a beautiful day outside for a Farmer’s Market and I was lucky enough to meet all the vendors and talk to them.  Here are the people and places I met on June 19th during my shopping trip to the market.

Truly-Local-(2)Truly Local

Matt McIntire from Truly Local has a food truck set up and today his specials are Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Meatball Subs. Matt believes in using only local meat, he can tell you exactly where he has gotten his meat from that he’s serving that day and when it was butchered.

Eagleson-FarmsEagleson Farms

Matt Eagleson primarily sells beef, lamb and pork from his farm near Grand Bend.  Most of their food is organic, or pretty close to it.  They also have peanut products from the Simcoe area.

The Healthy Hemp GuyThe Healthy Hemp Guy

Brent Holden sells Canadian made hemp products such as clothes, soaps, and seeds.  He also has a variety of balms, bamboo towels and coconut oil.

Bayfield-Berry-FarmBayfield Berry Farm

This vendor has a wide variety of items, ranging from produce to baked goods and canned goods.  Today the strawberries are in season as well as asparagus and rhubarb.  The pies and tarts look great!

Sandra's-Country-CraftsSandra’s Country Crafts

Sandra has a variety of crafts available for sale.  She enjoys making canvas art, handmade jewelry, and she also knits and crochets items like dishcloths.


Wally makes his very own jams, pickles and relish, all ready to take home at reasonable prices.

Good-Luck-GardensGood Luck Gardens

Joanne and Dave Foster are from Kirkton and have been in business for 24 years now.  Today tomatoes, asparagus and potatoes are for sale. They also have some beautiful planters and if you’re someone who enjoys growing their own food, they have heirloom tomato plants.  Look for Joanne on the cover of Rural Voice.

Pillitteri-Estates-WineryPillitteri Estates Winery

All the way from Niagara on the Lake this family owned and operated business joins our farmer’s market with five types of wine.  They have been in business since 1993 and have won over 700 awards.

Susan's-CraftsSusan’s Crafts

Susan has many unique crafts in her booth today.  She makes birdfeeders and what she calls dress-ups for the kids.  She also makes handmade quilts, pillows and purses from used clothing.

The-Home-FarmThe Home Farm

Kirk and Carol pick their produce the morning they come out to the market, so you know what you’re getting is fresh.  Today Carol is selling peppers, cucumbers, cilantro, parsley, lettuce and garlic. She also makes baked goods from spelt, which you can also buy as berries to make your own goodies at home. Today she sells a variety of cookies and pies.

Sheldon-BerriesSheldon Berries

Ray Sheldon from Lakeside Ontario is displaying some beautiful strawberries today.  He tells me that they have raspberries in their greenhouses and blueberries will be ready for July.  Ray is also selling honey, apple butter and raspberry jam.

Cedarvilla-Angus-FarmsCedarVilla Angus Farms

This 7th generation family farm from the Zurich area takes great pride in their products.  Today they were selling beef roasts, pepperettes and beef jerky.  You can contact them to place larger orders as well.


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