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Group Spa Days popular at Spa Essentials

5 Feb

by Diva Karen

spaEssentialsI ran into Kelly of Spa Essentials recently and asked her what was new in “Spa” world.  Her answer surprised me.

Group Spa days are becoming more and more popular” she said.   I was curious how they work as I think of the spa as being an individual experience.

Employee and girl-friend groups are getting together in a more leisurely fashion as time is at a premium.  Spa Group Outings are perfect for brainstorming and networking at an entirely different levels – a whole new way of team-building.

As the touch-point, Kelly co-ordinates all the services for the participants during a set time period, say 4-5 hours.    All the group leader needs to do is pick a date and provide Kelly email addresses of group members.  She takes care of the rest!

Some participants enjoy a single spa service, some buy-in for a full set.    Sometimes an employer will provide a credit for each of their staff (unused credits are carried over for another visit); other times the group participants pay for their own way.  Either way, the atmosphere is set for the “party” to be fun for everyone.  And if someone is running late, or another must leave early, schedules can be accommodated.

Groups bring in their own meals and beverages – sometimes potluck, sometimes they order from one of Blyth’s great restaurants (Part II Bistro, Blyth Inn, or pizza from Bell’s).

Manicures, Pedicures, waxing, facials, eye lash extensions, various types of massage, teeth whitening, and laser hair removal services are all available at Spa Essentials.  

Spa Essentials
406 Mill Street
Blyth, ON  N0M 1H0

Embrace Winter, Escape to a Country Cabin

3 Feb
Cabin in the woods offers a great escape all year round …

Cabin in the woods offers a great escape all year round …

Winter-time in Huron County can be brutally cold and stormy or the sun can shine through and make for a spectacular canvas.    But whatever the weather, nothing is more comforting than a roaring fire in the wood stove and a rustic cabin retreat. The A-Frame Cottage on Currie Line just outside of Blyth contains a full kitchen, 3-piece bathroom, 2 bedrooms, satellite television, a wood stove, a barbeque and a fire-pit. Linens are provided. To really enjoy winter, get the whole family involved!  This cottage sleeps six and there are plenty of options to suit all ages and fitness levels.   The snowmobiling trail is just 1/4 mile away; hiking, snow-shoeing or skiing trails meet the property line, and – if all else fails – enjoy a friendly snowball fight! Then after-dark curl up by the wood-stove with some of your favourite family games or a good book.

A-Frame Cottage
83248 Currie Line
Blyth, Ontario  N0M 1H0

spectacular scenery to enjoy at this time of year.

spectacular scenery to enjoy at this time of year.

Comfortable spaces to curl up in!

Comfortable spaces to curl up in!

Sleeps Six:  two regular beds in separate rooms in the loft area, and a queen size pull-out in the Living room.

Sleeps Six: two regular beds in separate rooms in the loft area, and a queen size pull-out in the Living room.

Sunday at the Blyth Steam Threshers Show

9 Sep
Classic Steamer

Classic Steamer

By Guest Travel Divo and Diva Wayne Vaasjo and Karen Melady

For Wayne this first time visit was a great surprise.
Wayne:  There was just so much going on.  It’s a mechanical engineer’s dream.
My highlight was the steam shovel – sort of like a fairy tale – with a man in the old engineer’s spot pulling the levers and the bucket magically goes up. Meanwhile in the back the stoker is filling the firebox, the machine is sending up a great plume of smoke that you can see from any place in the grounds.
Karen is a repeat visitor.
Karen: It’s been a few years since I last visited and I’m amazed at the increased organization and that it doesn’t change the homey feel.  There was great camaraderie among the people – those with displays, the visitors, the vendors.   And stories from the campers about the great music and the reunion atmosphere going on all week. It’s been going on for 52 years, so there are a lot of friendships made and kept up  because of this event.


1959 Retractable Ford Fairlane

1959 Retractable Ford Fairlane

We enjoyed the classic cars, the tractor pull and watching children cheer for their grampa. Loved the interactive displays and demonstrations: farm animal tent, rope making, blacksmithing, miniatures.  And just watching those great machines do their work threshing, cutting corn, shredding turnip.  A special moment was when an older man answered my question about a seeder that I recognized but couldn’t name. He described how he and his father worked the turnip seeder. I thought about how much more rare this is – a first person account of using the old farming equipment.

Here comes Grampa2 (Tractor Pull)

Here comes Grampa2 (Tractor Pull)

Steam Shovel

Steam Shovel

Wayne and I noted that it was sort of like being in a cartoon with these loud self-propelled, huge, old (and small), loud things popping up and tooting their whistles and puffing out smoke! A really grand day capped off with a swim in the lake. Love this country to coast lifestyle.

Turnip Seeder

Turnip Seeder

thresher at work

thresher at work

Old Beauty

Old Beauty

Co-ordinator Notes:  Ray Hallahan, a representative from the Huron Pioneer Thresher and Hobby Association reported that attendance for the 52nd annual Steam Show was up slightly – that even the rain on Saturday couldn’t keep enthusiasts away!

750-800 trailers were on site for the three-day event, filling the trailer park  with a few located in an overflow area.

The Huron Pioneer Thresher and Hobby Associations annual reunion is held the weekend after Labour Day each September.  Admission is $8 per person.

Falling: A Wake

5 Sep
image by Alyzen Moonshadow taken from Blyth Festival website.

image by Alyzen Moonshadow taken from Blyth Festival website.

by Diva Trista Russell

Falling: A Wake is the last production of the Blyth Festival’s 2013 season. Written by Gary Kirkham and directed by Peter Smith, the play follows retired couple Elsie (played by Catherine Fitch) and Harold (played by Tony Munch) as they discover the body of a young man on the front yard of their farm one autumn night. I had heard that this play was going to be quite comedic, but I was also surprised at how emotional it was as well. This play is actually inspired by the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 tragedy over Lockerbie in Scotland. Kirkham’s friend was on that very plane, and he wrote this play many years later.

Elsie and Harold are awakened one night by the sounds of banging and crashing, and come to realize that a plane crash occurred. Surrounded by luggage and debris, they discover the lifeless body of a 20 year-old man, sitting in a plane seat. Elsie, who loves to talk, decides to keep the young man company until the authorities arrive. Much to her husband’s dismay, she carries on a conversation with the victim, which is actually quite comedic.

Aside from the comedy, the discovery of the body reminds Harold and Elsie of their unresolved loss of their son, and is symbolic of the profound impact of grief. The couple’s lack of closure about their son and their resolve to move on was a reminder to me that we’ve all experienced loss in our lives in some way, and the healing power of letting go. I didn’t realize until I was writing this post that the title is “Falling: A Wake” not “Falling: Awake” as I had thought, which is quite fitting considering Elsie’s determination at staying by the side of the young man’s body.

Held in the intimate Phillips Studio, there was no stage set when I arrived. The props were very minimal. I learned that Elsie and Harold are a couple in real life too, which is not surprising considering the great chemistry and quick comebacks they have on set.

Falling: A Wake plays until Saturday, September 7th, including afternoon and evening performances.  The Phillips Studio is located at 209 Dinsley Street in Blyth.

For tickets, call 1-877-862-5984 or visit www.blythfestival.com.

Catherine Fitch

Catherine Fitch

Tony Munch plays Harold

Tony Munch plays Harold

Photos of Elsie/Catherine Fitch and Harold/Tony Munch are from the Blyth Festival’s website.

Prairie Nurse

26 Aug
The Hunt

Photo submitted by Blyth Festival

by Diva Nicole Olson

On Tuesday this week, I had a lovely evening out at the Blyth Festival theatre. I went to see Prairie Nurse, by Marie Beath Badian and directed by Sue Miner. As described by the playwright, it was a “fictional play based on real-life folks.” It was set in 1969 in a small town hospital in Saskatchewan, where two nurses from the Philippines came to work. The lab technician falls in love with one of them, but can’t tell them apart and thus, comedy ensues.

The show has a tough-as-nails head nurse, a hunting and fishing crazed doctor, a sweet but meddling candy striper, a caring and fatherly custodian, hockey star goalie/goofy lab technician, along with the two sweet, but home sick Filipino nurses. Combine all of these quirky characters and you get an enjoyable show full of laughs. I definitely enjoyed the fun, light hearted nature of the performance. They found ways to incorporate common stereotypes and make it tastefully funny.

Photo submitted by Blyth Festival

Photo submitted by Blyth Festival

There was hardly a spare seat in the theatre, and lots of chuckles could be heard from the audience! To see this show, or other fantastic productions at the Blyth Festival Theatre, check out their website http://www.blythfestival.com/ or call the Box Office.

Blyth Festival
423 Queen Street
Blyth ON N0M 1H0
Toll Free: 1-877-862-5984
Local: (519) 523-9300
Fax: (519) 523-9804
Email: info@blythfestival.com

Photo submitted by Blyth Festival

Photo submitted by Blyth Festival

Dinner and Theatre makes for a Golden Summer Evening

20 Aug

2 Faux HeartAttackby Diva Susan Pye

Last Saturday evening, we went with some friends to beautiful downtown Blyth, to dine at Part II Bistro and attend the current offering at the Blyth Festival, “Garrison’s Garage” by Ted Johns.  It was a particularly  golden summer evening drive through some of the prettiest countryside in Huron County, where we who live here congratulate ourselves for not living in say… (name your least favourite city).  We don’t have to  fight traffic, construction (coz we’re not on Hwy 21), testy drivers and robber-baron parking attendants to enjoy a fabulous dinner and great theatre, at non-city prices.

We all had tasty, beautifully presented appetizers and dinner at the Bistro, as we told the chef when he came out of the kitchen to see how his creations were received by the happy diners. Clearly the word is out on this comfortable but classy dining spot, as it was packed.  Reservations are definitely a good idea.  My only complaint- dinner was so good, no room for dessert! Next time.

Garrison’s Garage was a hoot! Originally presented in 1985, the play stands the test of time, perhaps due to the timeless central theme- Canada Revenue vs. us poor schmucks, I mean Taxpayers.  We can all relate, or at least I can, as how to complete my Income Tax is an abiding mystery to me. As is how my car works and why is doesn’t (usually at the most inconvenient moment possible) is another central theme of the play.  It was a full house who frequently LOL’d, so clearly other Huron County residents and visitors share my bemusement re: the inner workings of the CRA and automobiles.

We are really are blessed in Huron County!

Garrison’s Garage runs in repertory at the Blyth Festival until August 31.

Blyth Festival
P.O. Box 10, 431 Queen Street
Blyth, ON  N0M 1H0
519-523-9300 / 1-877-toBlyth (862-5984)

Part II Bistro
Queen Street
Blyth, ON  N0M 1H0
519-226-FOOD (3663)

Shopping at the Old Mill

14 Aug

OldMillby Diva Nicole Olson

September is a big month for birthdays in our family, so I thought I would get a head start on my shopping and check out the Old Mill’s Annual Sell-abration, celebrating 53 years in business. Right now, they have a tent set up outside with major deals, up to 70 percent off regular prices. They have clothing as well as leather goods, sheepskins, toys and accessories.  Inside the store, they have deals on their summer stock. They also have a huge selection of fall and back to school items.

OldMill3 OldMill4The winter mittens they have are the warmest around, and I have sheepskins that I used to keep my mini Divas cozy when they were small.

The Old Mill is huge! There is a lot of ground to cover.

Whether you are looking for outerwear, jewelry  purses, footwear, men’s, ladies and children’s wear or specialty items- the Old Mill is literally one stop shopping.

The sale started June 24 and will be on until September 8.

The Old Mill
82790 London Road, Blyth, ON, N0M 1H0
(519) 523-4595

Nicole's mini-Diva snug as a bug in a sheepskin!

Nicole’s mini-Diva snug as a bug in a sheepskin!

Creativity of Local Youth on Display in Blyth

17 May
Blyth Festival Student Art Exhibit, May 2013

Blyth Festival Student Art Exhibit, May 2013

by Diva Nicole Olson

I recently had to opportunity to get a glimpse of the creativity of some our local youth by exploring the Student Show at the Blyth Festival Art Gallery. I have to admit, I was blown away by the talent that these young people possess. It was amazing to gain a little insight as to what inspires these people. The art that is on display is full of detail and I admired a lot of the techniques used. There were paintings, photography, works of mixed media and other genres of art as well. The artists are from various secondary schools within the Avon Maitland District and Huron Perth Catholic School Boards. Some of the pieces are for sale and this is a free event. Definitely worth checking out.

[Student Exhibit on display until May 23]

Blyth Festival Art Gallery
Bainton Gallery
Blyth Memorial Community Hall
423 Queen Street, Blyth, ON  N0M 1H0
519-523-9300 / 1-877-862-5984


Open:  9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday

The Blyth Festival Art Gallery co-ordinates three professional juried exhibitions, a community art show and a secondary school student exhibition each year in the Bainton Gallery which is located in the Blyth Memorial Community Hall beside the Blyth Festival box office. The Gallery is open to the public during Festival business hours and has been operating under the guidance of an extraordinary group of volunteers since 1976.

Blyth Festival Art Gallery, Student Art Exhibit 2013

Blyth Festival Art Gallery, Student Art Exhibit 2013

It was a sweet kind of day

14 May

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Cinnamon BunsQueens Bakery shirt

I have stopped in and picked up baked goods and food to go at the Queens Bakery in Blyth, but I hadn’t yet stayed in for a meal. I had a meeting with my friend Karen in Blyth, so we decided to go to the bakery for lunch. When we walked in the smells were great. There were 5 or so other tables of people dining and all of the food looked yummy. We chose a table and went to the front to check out the lunch specials, which all sounded good. Karen went with the chili and cheese biscuit with pesto and cheese on it and I ordered the chili and Reuben sandwich. Both of the meals were excellent and the price and service made this place top notch in my mind! Both of our meals came to only $18 and change and we were both full.

Queens Bakery Food Queens Bakery Food

There are also so many great treats, which are freshly baked daily. They had over 20 different types of drinks (coffee, teas, juices, pop etc.), date squares, cookies, oat bars, tarts, muffins, loafs, cheeses, sandwiches, salads, soups and more.

cookies lemon loaf

Oh and did I mention they had cakes and ice cream too! Prices ranged from $6 for a sandwich, $3 for quiche and $3 for soup; desserts ranged from $1 – $4 depending on what you decide on. They are also licensed so if you want a beer, wine, specialty coffee or spirit you can. Another offering they have is accommodation upstairs. This summer you can go to Blyth, check out a show at the festival, eat at the Bakery and then spend the night (Plus you can stop in to the Blyth Inn and check out the shops)! For more information visit: www.queensbakeryblyth.com/

Queens Bakery’s Royal Tea Popular for Young Princesses and Princes

13 Mar

On Tuesday afternoon young princesses and princes from near and far met at the Queens Bakery in Blyth for a Royal Tea.  Most were dressed for the royal occasion where they enjoyed balloon sculptures, storytelling and puppets.  Delighted by its enormous success, co-owner Les Cook said “lot’s of royal fun … it was a blast!”    I’m sure this is the first of many tea parties for children (young and old) as the full-house of delightful and excited youngsters were thoroughly enjoying the party.

Mikayla & Jayden Ansley enjoy tea with gramma Debbie

Mikayla & Jayden Ansley enjoy tea with gramma Debbie

Gina & Melanija Wernham  enjoy an outing with their great Aunt Linda Bird.

Gina & Melanija Wernham enjoy an outing with their great Aunt Linda Bird.

Koby McClinchey of Ottawa made for a dapper young prince!

Koby McClinchey of Ottawa made for a dapper young prince!

Madeline Doran (Julie McClinchey Niece)

And, Madeline Doran is cute as a button in blue.

Sarah & Abigail Ball with Mom Melanie enjoy the fun with Katie Schneider and her friend Colleen Edwards

Sarah & Abigail Ball with Mom Melanie enjoy the fun with Katie Schneider and her friend Colleen Edwards

More pretty little princesses enjoy a story.

Pretty-in-pink princesses and a handsome young prince enjoy a story too.


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