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Indie folk duo perform in Brussels

7 Mar

North Country Towers, March 6, 2015 from Heather Boa on Vimeo.

By Diva Heather Boa

BRUSSELS – It would be easy to walk past the unremarkable door beside the entrance to the Brussels’ laundromat without a second glance. But the more observant passersby will notice a sign in the transom window above the door that reads: The Upper Deck. And on this Friday evening, groups of one and two and five are passing through the door and climbing the steep steps to a small concert hall to hear North Country Towers, acoustic duo Thomas Beard and Caleb Smith.

The low-ceiling hall is arranged with a series of cabaret tables and folding chairs. The front window overlooking the village’s main street is covered with black floor-length curtains. A piano is set at one side of a stage, a series of drums at the other side, proof that the space is a regular venue for musicians. The place is packed with family, friends and music lovers. Many have come to hear Thomas, who is from Wingham. He and Caleb, from North Bay, now attend university in Montreal.

Acoustic duo Thomas Beard and Caleb Smith perform at The Upper Deck in Brussels.

Acoustic duo Thomas Beard and Caleb Smith perform at The Upper Deck in Brussels.

Then Thomas settles the cello into his lap and Caleb pulls his guitar into his hip, and something quite magical happens. The guy in the sports coat and scuffed black dress shoes playing an instrument often found in an orchestra and the fellow in the black vest and red socks playing an instrument at home in country bars and rock bands find the perfect pitch. The instruments take their turns in the spotlight, sometimes upbeat and playful, other times slow and mournful. Then Caleb’s strong vocals cut in. You give in and let it consume you.

The mostly original playbill speaks of saving princesses and slaying dragons, a bride and groom finding love in their differences, losing binds with the right person at your side, and finding it funny how the smell of dead things and rain can make you feel so great.

Their enthusiasm is a pleasure to watch. It’s fresh and invigorating. They laugh at each other at each song’s end, but look like they’d rather give each other a high five. In fact, high fives all round.

“They’re so adorable I wanna pinch their cheeks,” said a woman sitting nearby.

Before the duo began, the hall’s owner, Jim Lee, took to the stage, holding up an empty fish bowl for the audience to see.

“This is how they’re going to get paid tonight,” he said, reminding folks the fish bowl would be set up at the back of the hall when they’re ready to make donations.

“ We have a little saying at Cinnamon Jim’s: ‘Keeping live music alive’ and this is what it’s all about,” he said.

Live music can be found at venues across Huron County. Check Ontario’s West Coast events calendar for more information.

Winter isn’t boring where I live!

18 Jan

Winter on Ontario's West Coast

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

I’ve head it said that winter in Huron County is “boring”. I always giggle at that thought, cause things are only as boring as you make them. There are many events and attractions to hit up during the winter months on Ontario’s West Coast.

Last year I filled my winter with intimate concerts, shopping, food and outdoor recreation. The only time I had to leave was to go downhill skiing, which just doesn’t exist in Huron. I remember an amazing sunny day in Bayfield where I met up with a bunch of people who where going on a guided snowshoe hike with Tyler Hessel from Outside Projects and then onto a beer tasting with Ted McIntosh at the Block Dog. The day started in the early afternoon and moved in to the evening. I don’t think I would call this boring at all.

On another day I spent the whole day shopping at the dress shops in Huron. I went to Designers in Exeter, Anna’s Dress Shoppe in Seaforth, Cowboy Loft in Brussels, Just Looking in Wingham, the Old Mill in Blyth and Something Irresistible in Goderich. This isn’t even close to them all, but I didn’t have enough time to stop and shop anywhere else. During this day I met many great people, bought some awesome clothes and had a wonderful day.

Yes, there are days, when the roads are horrible and it is safer to stay at home. On these days, I always find lots of fun in watching Taylor plow the driveway and playing in the snow!

I hope all of you can have fun like me during the winter in Huron County!!! If you can’t find something to do, send a message to us and we’ll help you to find what you are looking for.

Diva Photo Shoot

12 Jun

By: Diva Jenna

A couple of weeks ago I had a photographer coming up to take photos of the area, we were focusing on Girls Getaways and couples fun. I needed some models so I called Kaylie and Mark and Sarah Hussey. Unfortunately Sarah came down with the flu, so it was just Mark, Kaylie and I. We headed to Brussels to Cinnamon Jims and then to the Brussels Damn. Kaylie and I ended up doing the Girls getaway photo shoot and we both worked with Mark to get the couple photos. What a fun afternoon we had!  I thought I would post some of the photos of the day.

Kaylie & Jenna - Ontario Travel Divas

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A couple new bloggers with the Divas!

18 May

Hey All,

We were hoping to add new guest bloggers to our diva “Family” , and we have had a couple of people added!

Make sure to check out the post on Friday, “Phantom Diva” has written about her experience in Brussels at Cinnamon Jims!



Cinnamon Jim’s

2 May

After I finished at the Home and Garden Show, I jumped in my car and drove to Brussels and went to the restaurant/cafe called Cinnamon Jim’s. After hearing so many people tell me about how amazing the cinnamon buns were I figured it was worth the drive to check it out.  And I must say, those cinnamon buns were pretty darn tasty!! But before I indulged in dessert I needed lunch. They had a number of hot and cold sandwiches, chili, salads, quesadillas and many other yummy lunch items. I had a delicious ham and swiss melt, and my lunch date ordered the reuben. They had four different types of bread to choose from which was nice, and the food came out very quickly. Luckily I got there when I did, because within about ten minutes of being there the place was completely packed!!!

It seemed like a place that all the locals flooded to to get a quick and delicious lunch. Some stayed and ate, and many their food to go. Cinnamon Jim’s is clearly a hot spot for lunch. The food was great, very country and old fashioned, and also very inexpensive. I had green tea, a sandwich and a delicious mouthwatering cinnamon bun for under $12!! If you are ever in Brussels make sure you stop in!

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