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I’m Wilder than her!

13 Jun

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Dear Johnny Deere

Blyth Festival

June 11 – 22, 2013

Photo by Terry Manzo

Photo by Terry Manzo, J.D.Nicholsen and Rebecca Auerbach play Johnny and Caroline.in the production of Dear Johnny Deere, which is currently playing at Blyth Festival Theatre.

On Tuesday I was fortunate to attend the Blyth Festival Theatre and watch the first 2013 performance of Dear Johnny Deere. I was so happy to hear that Blyth Festival decided to bring back the show for a short run, as I was not able to make it in 2012. I had only heard and read good things and I really was blown away. I said to a friend that it reminds me of  growing up in Huron County!

The show was written by Ken Cameron, directed by Eric Coates and based on the songs of Fred Eaglesmith. I hadn’t listened to Eaglesmith before, but have now downloaded a few of his tunes and I can’t seem to get the songs WhiteTrash and I’m Wilder Than Her out of my head!

The cast of Dear Johnny DeereThe set is simple with the main focus of a baby grand piano and musical instruments hung up all over the place. We were told at the beginning to “use our imagination”, right away I thought … I know some people who might have trouble with that… but after watching the show and seeing how the cast and set inspired imagination, it was no problem at all.

The music and harmonies had me at the first song, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums and multiple guitars brought a smile to my face. I grew up in a family that sat around jamming and playing this kind of music at every gathering. This show is really great and if you are hoping to get out to Blyth to see it, you better book your ticket now. It is only running until June 22. Here is the link for you to get more information: http://www.blythfestival.com/#!blank/c1lxg to book tickets you can also call 1.877.862.5984

Blyth Festival is located on main street Blyth Ontario. They have five other shows that will be on this summer:

Not just a Coffeehouse

18 Mar

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Dayna Manning of Trent Severn

Dayna Manning

Laura C. Bates of Trent Severn

Laura C. Bates

Emm Gryner of Trent Severn

Emm Gryner

So here is the update post about the concert at East Street Station on March 15! First off, what a great venue to relax and enjoy music, even when the venue is totally packed full. They hold regular coffeehouse events through out the year.

Brenda and Isabella Nurse of Rostock enjoy the show.

Brenda and Isabella Nurse of Rostock enjoy the show.

So if you haven’t noticed I am a big fan of rural living in Canada. I am always so happy to hear people talking and singing about our great country! Trent Severn has created music with a story, they use the slogan “Folk From Canada”, singing songs with familiar names in their titles such as Mulroney Times, Truscott, Like a Donnelly and Bluenose Dime. Their sound is big, three part harmony with banjo, bass, guitar and fiddle, it makes my heart smile and brings me back to when I was a kid. My toe was tapping the whole time and I really felt that if there was a dance-floor it would have been packed. Take a watch and listen to the video below, if you couldn’t make it to the concert Trent Severn has two gigs at the Dakota in Toronto on March 19 and 20 or check out their website www.trentsevernband.ca to get a longer listen and find out when there are upcoming shows!

I have been lucky in the past to be able to perform on the stage of the East Street Station and with the likes of Emm Gryner. Ashley Anderson and I have done back up singing for her in the past and after forming Trent Severn she asked if Ashley and I would open a show for them. We were delighted, and asked Jamie Wallace, Bud Mabon and Brenden Purser to perform us. It was so much fun to share the stage with these three wonderful ladies. Here is a short video of one of the songs we preformed!

Chris Hadfield calls in to the East Street Station

16 Mar

by Diva Jenna Ujiyetrentsevern-1

I was at the East Street Station to watch the Trent Severn Concert and in the middle of their set Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, called in to chat with us! How cool is that? Not only was this one of the most interesting phone calls I have ever been involved in, the whole concert was awesome. Trent Severn, made up of three amazing musician singer/songwriters Emm Gryner, Dayna Manning and Laura C. Bates, have come up with some really great songs and harmonies. Their eclectic Canadian folk blend  is well put together and they play from the soul. I am just editing the videos I took, so I will post them later!

Hadfield told us that this was the first concert he had ever called in to from space. He also mentioned that it was 1:40am and that the sun was about to rise. He joked with the band that becoming commander has added to his to do list, have to make sure the lights were out and the garage door had to be put down!

I took a video of the conversation with Chris Hadfield, but with 928 minutes left to upload it, I’ll post it later. My friend George Zoethout from Huron Image Factory posted the same video, but from a different angle, so here it is!

Here are a few more photos of the event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a hoot!

6 Mar
Hootenanny 4

Hootenanny 4

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Last Saturday was the 4th Hootenanny, a fundraiser for the Goderich Celtic Folk Society. Organizer John Lodge, along with Warren and Eleanor Robinson, asked if I would be part of this event, to which I said yes! I hadn’t really heard of a hootenanny in the past, so I looked it up and found out that it is a sing along concert, typically in the folk music genre.

There were a variety of songs performed throughout the evening including: Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and more.

Phil Main and Finaloa McGuinty

Phil Main and Finaola McGuinty

Well what a night I had.  Not really knowing what to expect, this event truly blew my mind! There were over 170 people in attendance and many people were singing along. There were 16 of us performing and each song was unique and different from the next. One thing I have to say is that I can’t wait until the next event!

Dave Armour

Dave Armour

The performers included: Don and Betsy Rivera, Finola McGuinty, Evie Shand, Florence Stalenhoef, Jenny Cousteils, Marianne Hogan, Dave Armour, Phil Main, John Lodge, Warren and Eleanor Robinson, Mike Reynolds and Kim and Travis Teed. If you are interested in other Hootenanny or Goderich Celtic Roots Festival events make sure to visit: http://www.celticfestival.ca

Bagpipes and Sunsets

13 Jul

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

My co-worker and I have been trying to get video footage at as many events on Ontario’s West Coast as possible. We have been spending some evenings and weekends and have got to see some amazing things and try some very unique things! This past Friday was really great! We headed to the Cove beach in Goderich and  watched as the Celtic Blue Highlanders pipe band piped down the sun.

I am not kidding you, there were hundreds of people at the event! This phenomenon seems to be a Lake Huron thing and it happens every Friday in July and August. We watched families and friends gather all around the pipe band and listen to the music. Many of the children started dancing and running around the band, which was in a circular formation. People travel from all over Ontario, Canada and the world to watch this event, most of the people attending where from out of the area.

After we watched the pipe band for a while we headed over to the beach and watched the sunset, it was so warm outside that people where still swimming in the Lake. What a wonderful end to a Friday evening!

Here is a video of one some of the happenings from the Friday night fun!

Meaghan Smith at Bayfield Town Hall

26 Jun

Hey world, how is/was everyones weekend? Mine has been absolutely perfect thus far. Last night I went to the Bayfield town hall to see Juno award winner (best new artist) Meaghan Smith perform as part of the Bayfield concert series. She was absolutely incredible! Not only was her music amazing, but she was also hilarious. The show was very personal and intimate with less than 100 people. She shared a number of stories about the meaning of her songs, and growing up in Canada.

This song is about an ex boyfriend of hers that was sent to jail… and then escaped. This story she says is 100% true, and provided the entire crowd with a laugh. Sorry if the video quality isnt perfect, I was using my iphone. Anyways enjoy!!

Not only was she amazing to watch, but she was so sweet. After the show she stuck around to have a chance to talk to everyone and thank them for coming. She was such a friendly and lovely lady.

Alright so I gotta tell ya, I have yet to be disappointed with a Bayfield concert series show, Peter Meades books such high quality acts every time. If you are into live music make sure you get tickets for the rest of his shows he has planned for the summer!



Whoa Events!!!

9 Jun

With the beginning of June, comes events of all sorts. I usually spend 6 or 7 Saturdays each year heading to local events with topics varying from music to culture and food! I’m sure you have noticed that a favourite topic for both Kaylie and I is food. Well I’ll tell you now, you won’t find an event in Huron that doesn’t have great food! Also, try something new… if you want to listen to some of the top opera singers in Canada, hit up the Bayfield Festival of Song this weekend! For more events visit http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/events/events.php

I thought I would highlight a few events that are happening in the next week or so.

Fri, June 3, 2011 – Sun, June 12, 2011
Bayfield Festival of Song
Event Host: The Aldeburgh ConnectionEight concerts of classical song, plus singers’ masterclass, featuring Colin Ainsworth, Lucia Cesaroni, Lindsay Barrett, Peter Barrett, Stephen Ralls, Bruce Ubukata and many others in the Town Hall’s perfect acoustic. For tickets call 519-565-2435
Location:Bayfield Town Hall, Bayfield
Date: Fri, June 3, 2011
Telephone: 416-531-3330
Email: s. ralls@utoronto.ca
Website: www.aldeburghconnection.org
Cost: $25 – $35

*Annual Event

Fri, June 10, 2011 – Sun, June 12, 2011
Wingham Musical Muskrat Festival
Event Host: Township of North HuronRib-off, BBQ, firefighter games, cardboard boat races, arm wrestling, entertainment, beer gardens. New for 2011 *enhanced children’s activities! This is a family event you won’t want to miss.
Location:Riverside Park
Date: Fri, June 10, 2011
Contact: Connie Goodall
Telephone: 519-357-1096
Email: cgoodall@northhuron.ca
Website: www.musicalmuskratfestival.com

*Annual Event

Sat, June 11, 2011 – Sun, June 12, 2011
Spring Show and Sale of Pottery
Event Host: Beechwood PotteryStudio open house featuring new work in stoneware and porcelain by award winning potter Robert Tetu. Choose from functional pottery or beautiful one-of-a-kind decorative items, all displayed in our historic general store. Commissions accepted.
Location:Beechwood Pottery – 4 km north of St. Columban (Hwy #8) on Beechwood Line, corner of Bridge Road, Seaforth
Date: Sat, June 11, 2011
Contact: Robert Tetu
Telephone: 519-345-2184
Email: beechwood@cyg.net
Starts at: 12:00 am
Ends at: 6:00 pm

*Annual Event

Sun, June 12, 2011
Spring Breakfast
Event Host: Van Egmond FoundationMaple syrup, pancakes, sausages, home fries, toast, jams, muffins, beverages. Heritage House open for tours. Entertainment. (always 2nd Sunday in June)
Location:Van Egmond House in Egmondville
Date: Sun, June 12, 2011
Contact: Pat Saundercock
Telephone: 519-482-9650
Starts at: 8:00 am
Ends at: 1:00 pm
Cost: adults $7, children $3, preschool free

*Annual Event

Thu, June 16, 2011
Twilight Tunes
Event Host: Twilight TunesAll musicians are welcome to join in a musical jamboree; from 8 to dusk a more contemporary flavour of music. Bring your own lawn chair and enjoy.
Location:Victoria Park Band Shell
Date: Thu, June 16, 2011
Contact: Bob Fisher
Telephone: 519-522-1394
Starts at: 5:30 pm
Ends at: 9:00 pm

*Annual Event


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