A Winter Walk and Lunch

6 Mar

Friday lunches with co-workers is one of my favorite gatherings of the week. We don’t go out every week, but try to get out once in a while!

Today we decided to walk from our office over to a restaurant called Thyme on 21. The owner Peter King met us at the door and asked to hang our coats. Great customer service!

We sat down and were brought our drinks and some of their delicious homemade onion and sage bread. Someone told me they had the recipe once… if anyone has it, send it along to me!

We all ordered different items and the conversation really went quite when the food made it to the table. I was yet again impressed with Peter and crew at Thyme on 21. Great, local, yummy food.

If you want more information, you can visit www.thymeon21.com


Check out the photos below!

Crabcakes with Salad

Quicke of The Day with Soup and Salad

Quicke of The Day with Soup and Salad

The Local Thyme on 21 producer List (I love when restaurants tell us this!)

Luncheon Salad – with proscuitto!


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