Free skating and cookies…SOLD

18 Mar

Wednesday afternoon I took advantage of the free skating that zehrs sponsored at the old arena during young Canada week, as soon as i stepped out onto the ice all my childhood memories came flooding back to me. I spent so much time at that arena. I figured skating and played hockey there, I went public skating with my family friends all the time, I once even fell in the toilet in the girls washroom playing tag with my best friend Meghan, ruining my brand new and very trendy boots, which I never told my mother about. The arena was my playground,  even the smell of it, which many find the odor to be nothing but dirty hockey equipment and sweat, made me smile.

Going back on Wednesday was a very pleasant experience. It was mostly kids, many that could barely even skate, out with there parents and grandparents. Kids were racing around without a care in the world. It was nice to see that something as simple as skating can bring together so many people. They had music pumping, and I  got  a little carried away trying to figure skate in my hockey skates to some Lady GaGa, I am sure I looked cool doing it! Zehrs also had a snack station set up for everyone when they came off the ice, hot chocolate, tea, and cookies. What else could you want, especially considering it was all free! Anyways just wanted to send a thanks out to Zehrs and all the voulenteers who took time out of their day to help make the day of others 🙂



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