8 Apr


I am currently sitting in Coffee Culture in Goderich, on the square and enjoying a cup of lemon green tea, and beginning to realize what a busy place this is. I have seen so many people filing in and out. Many getting orders to go, but the majority having a seat and reading the paper, meeting with friends, work meetings etc. I seem to be people watching more than I am actually working, well I am more food watching. I have watched so many delicious sandwiches salads and soups go by, not to mention cookies and cake. I never really thought to come here for lunch before, but the longer I sit here the more I like the idea of it. It is a mellow atmosphere, no muss no fuss, and everyone seems to be very friendly. Coffee Culture has such a warm environment; it does not feel like a café chain at all, it feels personal and homey.


Anyways, just a few more hours until it’s the weekend everyone, hang in there, and if you’re around, I will be hitting up Wicked Willies tonight for some birthday drinks with my lady friend Lisa Macdonald! Come join us


– Kaylie!



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