I’m walking on sunshine, woooo

13 Apr

Howdy Folks!

I am sure everyone has been enjoying this lovely weather! The sun has  quite literally brightened my spirits. It is crazy how much happier everyone seems to be when spring hits! The combination of fresh air and vitamin D is like a power drug of happiness!! This last week I have been taking full advantage of the weather, I have walked the board walk a number of times, trekked through my fathers bush with my puppy Lucy, and  yesterday for the first time this spring, I walked the Maitland Valley Trail. It feels so good to finally be outside!! The Maitland trail is so perfect, especially for those living in town, once you get out there you feel like you a million miles away from home, but really its only like a ¼ mile away : )

I have lots of pics to put up of my walks back in the bush with my puppy, but I am having trouble loading them, but have no fear, I will figure it out and let you have a little looksy!

Anyways, just wanted to recommend that everyone get out a go for a walk, 1) because you can, 2) because its free and 3) Because its lovely! Enjoy the sunshine, it is not going to last for long, more April showers are on the way : (



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