Red Pump Review

24 Apr

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and isn’t in a sugar coma from massive chocolate consumption! I am teetering on the edge right now. I am sure everyone, like myself , had a very busy weekend visiting with family and friends. I mentioned the other day that the Red Pump was opening back up for the season and that I would be going there Thursday night. That plan fell through however, because my lovely date was sick, so I went last night for dinner instead.

It was honestly, soooo delicious. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the appetizers to show everyone because I inhaled it in about 37 seconds. I had a goat’s cheese and beetroot tartlet. A-MAZING! My partner in crime ordered chicken liver pate, which I ate half of. For my main I ordered risotto with a bunch of different mushrooms, cheese, asparagus, and some other yummy delights, My lady friend had crab cakes, and my non-lady friend had duck confit. Yum yum yum! It was positively delicious!

Just another tid bit for ya, every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, they provide a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is $19, and the dinner $39, both including an appetizer, main, and desert. If that’s not a steal I don’t know what is! I defiantly recommend everyone check it out!


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