Walton Motocross & Metals in Murals and More!

28 Apr

Today, as I mentioned, I was at the 2011 Brochure swap. One of the really cool things about this event was that everyone jumped on a bus and went on a guided tour of some of Huron’s attractions. My tour headed to Walton to visit the Motocross. I am going to be honest with you for a minute, I knew this Motocross “thing” (in my former terms) existed, but I had NO idea, seriously, NO idea just how profound and popular this sport is within the community, and the country! I was informed today that the races are aired in 38 countries! That’s insanity!

I was really excited to learn more about it, unfortunately, I feel like I say this repeatedly, the weather was bad, and I was unable to actually go onto the track. We did however get to go into Chris Lee’s (owner) shed and watch some amazing videos of past events that took place there and also learn about his local marketing ideas, business plans, etc.

One thing I found very interesting about the Walton Motocross, was how involved they were with environmental issues. In the last 30 years or so they have planted over 80, 000 trees and they intend to build new infrastructure being powered by solar panels.

I really wanted to get some photos of the track, but while I was there it was pouring rain, and even snowing! Therefore, pictures were not taken… guess I will have to venture back to Walton and see the track in action!

After we finished learning about Motocross we traveled back to Seaforth and went to the fairly new shop called ‘Murals in Metal & More’. I think the name speaks for it self on this one. It was a fairly small place, and they informed us they intended to expand to a larger location, which would double the size of the store. It may be small, but man they had so many amazing things! I took quite a few pictures so that everyone could get some sense as to what they have to offer.

They also took all of us into the back to show us how everything was made. They actually made a piece while we watched, in only a matter of minutes and it looked flawless!

We were informed that if it could be drawn, it could be made. I think this is such a neat and creative way to decorate not only inside your house, but also outside. They had a number of things for outdoors to put in your gardens, hang outside and even on the house, the deck, etc. It was a place I will definitely be traveling back to to make some purchases!


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