29 Apr

I have exciting news for you all… I was in Goderich today, hitting up Canadian Tire, because the flyer was so good this week, anyways, after I bought out Canadian Tire, I was exhausted and hungry. I needed a refreshing treat, so clearly I thought of Cravings. When I walked in I was greated with a BIG surprise! Waffle Cones are back! Yes yes yes, they are so delicious! Also, all the summer ice cream is in too! Today I tried banana boat, it might be in my top three favourite ice creams now. Its basically banana and chocolate, a combination almost as good as peanut butter and chocolate! Anyways just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the yumminess!!

Also, tomorrow I will be checking out the Bayfield home and garden show. It is supposed to be 14 degrees and sunny tomorrow, so if you are looking for a nice way to spend your Saturday afternoon, I recommend making a stop in Bayfield this weekend! This is a great show that the Lions Club organizes each spring. It is held at the arena and both the main floor and upstairs gallery are filled with displays from local merchants and contractors.


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