Bargain Buying!

2 May

I know everyone is already thinking, wow, Kaylie had such an exciting day on Saturday, well folks I got more!!! After stuffing my face with Cinnamon Jim’s cinnamon buns, I headed to Clinton to do a little bargain shopping. I started at the Rack and Room, I had not been back in there since the fire and was looking forward to seeing it all cleaned up. My power bargain shopping afternoon was cut short however because I couldn’t fit anything else in my car .. oops!

I did quickly run into Elliots Liquidation though, just to have a peak, I hear continuously about all the deals people get at Elliots and I had to see what all the fuss was about. I do not want to even tell people about this place because I am afraid everyone will get there before me and get all the amazing things they have, for ridiculously low prices!! Seriously people, name brand quality things like furnature, kitchenware, food, jewelry.. EVERYTHING! It may just be my new favourite place! Very exciting! Nothing makes me more excited than saving money!

See you all there, but be prepared I will elbow you if you get in my way! 🙂



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