Burgers, fries, and potato cheese poppers = heaven

3 May

HI friends!

Yesterday I filled you all in about my busy Saturday afternoon, but I failed to mention my unreal Sunday lunch. Sundays are the days when I allow myself to eat basically whatever I want, therefor I hit up as many of Huron Counties Drive Ins as possible. This Sunday I went to Woodlands in Bayfield!

Woodlands was my favourite place in the world when I was a kid, it was such a treat when mom and dad said we could get dinner from there. It seemed like the drive took hours and hours and it was in the beautiful foreign land. As i aged i realized, oh its only about 15 minutes away form my house, thats convenient!

Annnyways enough about that, more about what i ate! Basically what my family and I did was ordered a bunch of sides to share, and one main. I had the turkey club wrap, mother had a turkey wrap and father ordered the woodlawn burger 1/4 Ibs! Then we split onion rings, fries, and potato cheese poppers!

It was delicious, like it is every year!



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