Cinnamon Jim’s… The Upper Deck

20 May

By: Phantom Diva

Every now and then Jim gets a musical act to come and perform at the “Upper Deck” (the second floor of Cinnamon Jims) and Jim and his crew serve up the food and drinks.

A couple weeks ago, a couple people from work got tickets to enjoy the food and ‘Sandy and the Stompers’.

We had our choice of four delicious entrée. Service was prompt, complete with appetizers of salads and rolls, your entrée. Remember to keep your fork for dessert!

We gobbled our meals down so eagerly though, we forgot to take pictures of it! Good thing Brussels is filled with friendly faces; we were able to snap some pictures of other people’s meals!

After supper the band started up and some more people popped in (tickets are cheaper if you want to pop in just the show).

The music was amazing, and Jim always gets high caliber talent in (a Juno award winner is one of his regulars!). While you may not find a Juno award winner at every performance, you can be sure whoever you find playing there is going to be a passionate, talented musician.

The atmosphere was very intimate, and relaxed– like chilling with the musician’s in their living room, only with a much nicer ambiance.

Sipping on wine, listening to the music, I couldn’t help being reminded of being in a jazz bar in Montreal…except it was a lot more entertaining because I could understand what the musicians were saying.


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