Best Burger Ever!

21 May

Happy May 2-4 everyone!

So far so good on the weather situation, lets all cross our fingers and hope the sunshine continues! I mentioned to you yesterday that I started my celebrations of the long weekend on Thursday night when I went to Fine, in Grand Bend for dinner. Well I continued my celebrations on Friday afternoon as well. Grocery shopping seemed too stressful for me yesterday so I decided I would head to the Black Dog to try out the brand spankin new menu for lunch. I gotta say it looks delish. With a larger menu than ever before the options seem endless. Most of the classics are still on the menu, there are just more options now. For example there are FIVE burgers to choose from. I am not even a huge burger fan, but these looked too good to pass up!!!

For an appetizer I split risotto balls, they were not called risoitto balls on the menu, I cant remember the exact name but basically its risotto that’s breaded and lightly fried on top of marinara sauce. I then orderd the Irish burger: 8 oz beef, double smoked bacon, sage derby cheese (it’s green and tastes like Christmas stuffing, so good!) and some form of mustard. While my friend ordered the Scottish burger. I cant remember exactly what’s on it but it had homemade onion rings on top, and that’s all you really need to know! Soooo good!

As always the Black Dog served up a great meal!!


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One Response to “Best Burger Ever!”

  1. Hayley May 26, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    were they called “croquettes”?

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