Get camping!

24 May

Hi everyone!

So it’s the end of May, which means in about a month, all the kiddies will be out of school!  This could be seen a good or bad thing, depending how you look at it! One thing I remember about getting out of school for the summer was how excited I was about being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted! Sleeping in, watching tv late, spending the day outside playing, etc. However, after a few weeks I began to get restless, continually calling my mom at work saying “I’m boooooored!”  I wanted something to do, I wanted to be around other kids, and have a place where we could all hang out. Well I think I came up with a solution for this boredom that will also benefit the parents. Take them camping!  I don’t mean you need to go a rough it for a few days, I mean take them to a campground. There are tons of campgrounds in Huron County too! The campground I am most familiar with is Shelter Valley, which is located between Goderich and Clinton on Highway 8, not only is it down the road, by my aunt and uncle are also the owners. Unfortunately they did not own Shelter Valley as a kid, so I never got to take full advantage of the opportunities they have for kids at the campground. They have a pool, a baseball diamond, volleyball courts, daily train rides, ping pong, basketball, and much more.

I go to Shelter Valley quite often and see how much the kids enjoy being there! But also, the parents enjoy so much as well. Not only are the kids out of their hair more often, but they also have a great chance to socialize, and also relax. In a sense the kids feel, that their parent are out of their hair as well!

If you want to keep your kids happy, and yourself sane, I recommend looking into all the lovely campgrounds within Huron County, it’s defiantly a wonderful local vacation!



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