Campgrounds galore!

27 May

Playing at Shelter Valley

Ontario’s West Coast is known for it’s wonderful Countryside and Coastline, but who knew that we had 26 amazing campgrounds in the area?

When I was a kid my parents had a trailer and we spent every weekend at it in the summer time! I will never forget those cherished moments. Campgrounds always have really great events and activities going on.

This past weekend I stopped by to visit Laurie and Bert at Shelter Valley Campground, where my friend Adrienne was staying with her husband and daughter. Shelter Valley is located, on Highway 8 in between Clinton and Goderich. Of course, since it was May 24 weekend the campground was filled to capacity!  When I first got to the campground I walked round and checked out the river. The water was really high, perfect for canoeing or kayaking, we watched at least 10 people paddle by effortlessly. After that we went for a walk and played on the equipment, walked up the hiking path and then had a wonderful barbecue. “Chef Mike” (Adriennes’s Husband) made awesome burger and Adrienne got the salads ready. since it was a long weekend, fieworks were planned for dusk. Bert and crew put on an awesome 45 minute show!

I can’t wait to get out again, you can’t really say that I went camping, since I went home that night. I do plan on getting out this summer though! If you are single or with a group, camping is always a blast. Since activities are planned you will always meet interesting people from all over the place. If you are looking to camp this summer, check out to pick your favourite place!


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