Happy Birthday Pops

31 May

Last week was my fathers birthday, and if your father is anything like my father its basically impossible to come up with a gift idea for him. I can only give the man so many bottles of whisky! This year I did eventually,(hours before his birthday dinner) come up with something a little more unique. I went to Te-em farms. I talked about Te-em farms when I went there for Mothers Day, and I always considered it to be a place to get pretty flowers and what not, but never explored all the other options Te-em farms has to offer. I decided to get my father trees to plant in the yard. He is big into the environment and has planted something like 20, 000 trees in the last 25 years, so I figured I mine as well make it 20,002 trees! He was happy and I felt good about giving him a gift that he will have for the rest of his life, and that will also help the environment. Just thought I would make giving a tree as a gift a suggestion! Hope you are all enjoying the heat and not melting away! Talk soon!


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