One Busy Diva

31 May

Hey everyone!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I sure did! In the last few weeks I feel like I have been a full time diva going all over Huron County, I have so much stuff to fill you in on. I’ll start with last week in Blyth and Brussels. Jenna and I had a quick meeting in Goderich and then headed to Brussels for a Diva photo shoot. By a Diva photo shoot I mean that Jenna needed a few photos from some provincial work she was involved with and she needed an extra – aka Me – Super Diva! Before we went to Brussels we made a quick trip to the Blyth Inn for lunch. I hadn’t been there in years and was pleasantly surprised with the menu. It has four pages of food – a full one and a half just for appetizers. Needless to say it took me longer to decide what I wanted to eat than it did for the food to come out.! It was really tasty I ordered a flat bread with turkey, tomatoes, onions, and cheese and Jenna had a veggie wrap. T’was tasty let me tell you!


After lunch we jumped in the car and headed to Brussels to start the photoshoot. Jenna has all those pictures and will put some up later on – after she air brushes and edits me!

Ok, so as I mentioned above I have been very busy these last few weeks. I complained all winter about having nothing to do, and was struggling to find anything interesting to blog about, and now I feel like I cannot keep up! Every weekend there is an event! But I am just one diva, so please forgive me … I do my best! I did have time to make a quick trip to the ArtSee Café on Main street in Bayfield. I had a soccer game Saturday afternoon and I needed a hearty lunch to get me in game mode. The ArtSee was perfect because their main focus is on fresh, local and healthy ingredients. I never feel guilty after stuffing my face at the ArtSee -in fact, I feel great. The food tastes so good that I always feel satisfied and happy about the healthy choices. Also, I feel it very important to make sure you all know how delicious their breakfasts are! So fresh, so good! I don’t know how they make scrambled eggs taste so good!!!

Lastly, I shall tell you about today! This beautiful hot and sunny day!  I hadn’t been to the Little Inn in quite some time, but had heard from a number of people about how good the lunch menu was.

I will let you know, the menu is limited, it only has about 6 appitizers and 5 mains, BUT all the options are fantastic! That’s the thing with fine dining restaurants, since everything is hand made, slow roasted and made to order, they typically have fewer options, which you would think would make your life much easier right? Only having to decide between 5 or 6 things. Well if you think it makes your life easier you are wrong! The server had to come back to the table three times before I made up my mind!

I also feel that a number of people shy away from fine dining either because it’s too expensive, they are unsure what the food ‘is’, or that portion sizes may not be worth the money you’re spending. The first thing I would say is never worry about not knowing what items are, that is what your server is there for. We are a small county that is very friendly! No one will turn their nose at you if you are unsure about an item. When I first started working in the restaurant business I knew nothing! But now, after asking a tonne of questions and trying everything in sight I feel that I know a lot about food.  Also (I’m going to let you in on a little secret here – shh), if you do not want to spend a huge chunk of change at one of these ‘fine dining’ restaurants – go for lunch. You would be surprised  at how inexpensive it is. Bailey’s, Thyme on 21, the Red Pump and the Little Inn are four examples of restaurants that are more of a fine dining experience, but also offer a very reasonable lunch.

Today at the Little Inn,  I was floored by how much food was on my plate! I ordered the arugula Caesar salad to start and my lovely friend had a tomato and goat cheese tart. I was basically satisfied after that and the homemade bread we had to start. Then we both ordered the beef sandwich. O MY G** !!! Not only was it absolutely amazing, but it was also huge. It definitely could have been shared between two people! We ended up each packing up half to take home for later. This was one of the tastiest sandwiches I have ever sunk my teeth into! The meat was cooked to medium with sautéed mushrooms and a delicious barbeque sauce. Ohh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! It also came out with some homemade onion rings! Bah! It was perfection.

I am someone who is really passionate about food, and I gotta say, going out to nice places for lunch is amazing. You get that fine dining experience, without burning a huge whole in your wallet!!! It really is a win win situation!



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