Have you gone to the theatre yet? Part 1 – Blyth

14 Jun

I am pretty excited for the 2011 theatre season! Blyth has some great Canadian theatre happening and the Huron Country Playhouse has some awesome musicals musing away! Here are the 2011 Blyth Festival plays.


June 21 – August 7

WRITERS: Jean Marc Dalpé, Mieko Ouchi, Mansel Robinson, Martha Ross, Peter Smith, Des Walsh with music by David Archibald

DIRECTOR: Peter Smith

Where is your hometown? Is it the prairie village where you learned to ride a bicycle or is it a condo by the ocean? An evening of six short plays tackles this question: is hometown a place or is it a state of mind? For some, hometown is dinner with the family, while others may find it tucked in the pages of a treasured book. Through memory, travel, and song, this dynamic group of seven shines a light on Canada’s hometowns from coast to coast.


June 29 – August 6

WRITER(S): Vern Thiessen
DIRECTOR: Eric Coates

On April 9, 1917 more than 15,000 Canadian men went over the top to storm Vimy Ridge. Despite blinding sleet, snow, heavy enemy fire, and the endless quagmire of mud, our troops took the ridge and held fast. Many believe that Canada was truly born on this day. In a field hospital, four soldiers reflect on their lives as a young nurse from Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia tends to the aftermath of grief and fear.

A victory of a play…” The Globe and Mail

Rope’s End

July 27 – August 27

WRITER(S): Douglas Bowie
DIRECTOR: Lee MacDougall

Toby Boone is a forty-something loser, living in a rundown apartment, unlucky at love and everything else. When he reaches his rope’s end, Toby stumbles across a photo of Marisa, his true love – and the written promise that they will one day reunite. The only problem is that thirty-one years have passed. When romantic fantasy collides with sober reality, Toby and Marisa face the toughest decisions of their lives. Join them on their fearless quest for love against all odds in this hilariously bittersweet romantic comedy.

Uplifting romantic comedy…” Winnipeg Free Press

Early August

August 3 – August 27

WRITER(S): Kate Lynch
DIRECTOR: Leah Cherniak

In the women’s dressing room of a beloved Canadian theatre somewhere in Huron County, three urban actresses battle with the practical problems of rural life: mysterious critters, an amorous veterinarian, and the quest for a decent Chardonnay.  And just to complicate matters, they all want Albert, the handsome young actor with a heart of gold. Enter Stage Manager Teddy. She’s calm, she’s smart and she’ll whip them into shape if it’s the last thing she does. Early August is a love letter to summer theatre and a comedy for everyone who always wondered what really happens backstage.


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