a lovely Saturday in Bayfield

18 Jun

Hello everyone, HAPPY SATURDAY!

It couldn’t be more perfect outside, which is why everyone should be out enjoying the day! Its only noon and I feel like I’ve done so much! Woke up this morning and headed to the Artsee café for the most amazingly delish breakfast, where I happened to run into my fellow diva Jenna. I informed her, and I stand by this statement, that the Artsee has the best breakfast in Huron County. That’s right I said it, the BEST. I ordered the pesto scrambled eggs, and my lovely gentleman friend ordered the Cajon scramble! I have been waiting since last summer to get my hands on their amazing eggs!!! The Artsee café has this unique feel to it that I find a little difficult to explain, especially when you are sitting on the front patio. Its just a little off the beaten path, its on main street, but tucked away a little providing a sense of privacy. I feel like I am in Paris or Italy. The Artsee is a place to sit, enjoy, and relax. The staff is so accommodating and friendly too! All in all, it’s a wonderful place to spend a morning or afternoon.

What made today even more special is that it is Sail and Canvas this weekend in Bayfield, and the streets are packed with people looking at the work of local artists. Its amazing!!! The art work I have seen so far is absolutely astonishing! If you are looking for something later this afternoon, or tomorrow you must check out Bayfield. They even have horse rides every half hour on main street that take you around town and down to the Harbor, I plan on going back later and trying to get on for a ride!

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to talk to one artist named Colleen M. Morrow who was painting just beside the Artsee café. She is a water colour and acrylic arstist and her work was really beautiful!!! I took a bunch of photos all over town just to give you an idea of what is happening in Bayfield this weekend!
















One Response to “a lovely Saturday in Bayfield”

  1. Sarah Koopmans June 18, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    You’re ABSOLUTELY right, the ArtSee has THE. BEST. breakfast… possibly anywhere!

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