Whiskful thinking …

25 Jun

Earlier this week Jenna and I needed to meet up for lunch to discuss how we could be bigger and better divas.  Whenever we meet for lunch we try to go somewhere new, so this time we headed to Hensell to Whiskful Thinking. It was this tiny little diner with a sign outside reading, “Try our famous pizza… Burgers, pop, and fry $6.95.” Yikes – this had me worried a little. How good could a burger be for $6.95?  The restaurant was quite small, only about ten tables, but most of them which were full. We received the menus and took a look and it only took about ten seconds and my skepticism was gone. The menu was very impressive. Soups, salads, burgers, pizza and sandwiches. Jenna and I both opted for a chicken sandwich with havarti, garlic aioli, roasted red peppers and bacon – mmm!  We also both ordered the white bean soup. We figured if we were in the white bean capital of Canada, we best try the bean soup. Our guest ordered souvlaki which looked so tasty!

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Oh,  I forgot to mention this – the table beside us ordered burgers and I overheard them telling the waitress that it was the best burger they have eaten in years. I loved it, $6.95 for an 8oz burger! That’s a steal!

After we ate, we had a chance to talk to the new head chef about his participation in this years taste of Huron. He was more than happy to come out and speak with us. We asked him where the burger was from and he informed us that all the burgers came from metzger meats, and that the turkey burger was form Hayters. This made me love the place even more, they were very passionate about keeping ingredients local!  This adorable little diner was the perfect place for a lovely ladies lunch.




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