Sushi in the county? whaaaa?

29 Jun

Hey everyone,

A few days ago I mentioned about how I had the perfect weekend. Well the weekend didn’t stop! It continued until the wee hours of Sunday evening. I went back to the Little Inn – yup I was there Friday and Sunday night, it’s that good. However, Sunday was for a very special event, SUSHI NIGHT!  It was the chefs birthday and he had his friend come down and make sushi, with a fusion twist.  As much as I absolutely love Huron County, there is somewhat of a lack of ethnicity when it comes to cuisine, so as soon as I heard sushi was coming to down I was 100% on board!

Needless  to say the food was absolutely amazing! It was 7 courses of perfection. I took a picture of every course for you so you can be jealous of what I got to enjoy! I would write a description of everything, however, there was too much to remember, with a bunch of words I have never heard of, let alone pronounce.  I may also had a few glasses of wine, so my memory isn’t 100% -oopies! I do however remember that the food was perfect, the service was perfect, the night was perfect. The Little Inn is such a great place to go and have a night out.

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