gettin my eat on!

12 Aug

Hiya folks!


So this past weekend I realized that I had only been to the ArtSee café ONCE this whole summer! Whats that about!?! I am not pleased about this! I went on and on over a month ago about how it’s the BEST BEAKFAST EVER and I havnt had time to get back there since. Last Saturday morning I made it my mission to get me some tasty breakfast.


Jd and I went and luckily got a table outside in the beautiful sunshine. I mentioned this last time, but I love how the ArtSee is on Main Street but is still kind of tucked away and very private feeling.


Anyways, as usual the breakfast was ridiculously amazing! I order my go to, the pesto scramble, and JD had a scramble as well but with smoked ham, peppers, and cheese.


I have to tell you this was my first time ever finishing all the eggs! They give a very large portion of eggs, and normally I cant finish it. But that day I had my game face on and those eggs didn’t stand a chance!





Then on Saturday evening, me and two of my girlfriends went to the Red Pump for dinner. I have to admit, I forgot to get pictures.. OOPS! Everything was just so tasty and I was so excited, and I had a glass of champagne . As our dessert was half gone I realize I had taken no pictures to share with you all. My sincere apologies.

I will tell you about how delicious it was though! Phoebe and I had Caesar salads as an appetizer , and Kendra had the trio of brushetta, one being the classic tomato balsamic and basil, the other was with mascarpone cheese and smoked trout, and the last one black olive tapenade with prosciutto.

For our mains I went with the linguine with pancetta and fresh tomatos, Phoebe had the white fish with sauted veg and fingerling potatos, and Kendra ordered the veal chop with sweat potato mash.


And yes it was all as good as it sounds!


We were all stuffed buuuuut. The desert at the Red Pump is way too good to pass up. We decided to split two desserts, three ways. We had the flowerless chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet, and the pecan tart with chocolate gelato.


I bet you are all thinking, wow isn’t Kaylie lucky two GREAT meals in one day, well that’s not all folks. Sunday morning I got a text from my mother (it was her birthday btw) asking if JD and I were interested in going for brunch with he and my dad. Guess where we went?!? ARTSEE!! Woohoo!! The best part is that on Sunday they have a brunch menu, so it was different that on Saturday.

I had the cajon egg scramble with chorizo sausage, Jd had the goats and hens, which is eggs with goats cheese and herbs, my father had the monte Crisco sandwich, and my mother also had the cajon eggs.

It was all delicious again! And Busy holy heck that place is booming during breakfast and lunch!

All in all I was very lucky and very full after a yummy weekend eating in Bayfield.


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