9 below zero at Iceculture

3 Dec

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

To most people ice is frozen water, but to the people in Hensall Ontario, ice has become something the small Ontario town is known for. They are home to Iceculture Inc., a world renowned company that uses ice as their product. They make a huge variety of ice sculptures including everything from bowls, to art all the way to full out lounges!

This past week I booked in to a tour with some friends from Huron Tourism. In the past few years the company has developed an amazing 90 minute “cool” tour of the facility. Our guide Sandra was great, we were shown everything from how the idea of making a business out of ice started, to how they make the large ice blocks , and a presentation of different sculptures they have made all over the world.

They have hopes of eventually turning the tour in to a museum that is open all the time, which is very exciting. The tour was really neat, but I will say that my favourite part was the on-site ice lounge that we hung out in. We got to put on these funky parkas and were then escorted in to the lounge. It was a refreshing chill, they had ice glasses, chairs, palm trees, artwork and bar all made of ice.

I can’t wait until the summer to do the tour again, it will be so refreshing, heading from the hot sun to the cool! There is so much more that happened during the tour, but I don’t want to give it all away, so you can check it out soon!

The Ice Cultures website has more photos and information on their website – www.iceculture.com

Iceculture, Inc
81 Brock Street
PO Box 232
Hensall, ON
N0M 1X0info@iceculture.com

Customer Service Team

Telephone: 519-262-3500

Toll Free: 1-888-251-9967

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