Pottery, glass and good conversation

5 Dec

In late November I headed to Blyth to get a few groceries while I was in the cute little town I made sure that I went in to Davara Studio. I’ve known Dave for a couple of years now and have been in to the shop a couple of times. It is located at 197 Westmoreland St. in a cute little studio, built off of a house. More Information here.

They sell all different kinds of pottery and glass, on top of selling they also offer classes. The classes sound really cool, Dave told me they keep the classes small (2 or 3 people at a time) and they run for 5 weeks. At the end of the course you will have made 8 – 12 pieces that you get to take home! Dave also told me that if you bring a bottle of wine it will be shared with the whole class throughout the evening!

After looking around the store I stood and chatted with Dave for over half an hour, he showed me many of the different pieces and gave me some insight to what it is like to be a potter. The store is very small, but I was super surprised to see the many different items available. At first look my favourite piece was the clay birdhouses, but after Dave showed everything to me I ended up buying a berry bowl/shrimp ring combo (pictured below).

The prices are outstanding, I paid $40.00 for the berry bowl, most places charge that just for the bowl, plus it comes with the extra dipping bowl and saucer! Dave and his wife Tamara also have some very unique ideas within the store, they give added value to products by telling their stories. The photo above with Dave holding two serving dishes is a funny story. The dish on the left is a Perth County corn on the cob holder, while the one on the right is a Huron County corn on the cob holder… I guess we grow bigger corn in Huron!!! If you are driving through Blyth, stop by Davara studio and see what they have to offer, it may seem small, but there is much more in there than first meets the eye!


One Response to “Pottery, glass and good conversation”

  1. Cat O'Donnell January 13, 2015 at 2:53 pm #

    Hello Divas!!! A little update for your site…Dave & Tamara have moved, but, no worries, if you ever want to play with clay, myself and husband now live here and still run it as a pottery studio/shop. We are both artists, so there is much more to see. Maybe come for a visit next spring. We are known as Wonky Frog Studio. Cheers!

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