Why Hello Huron County!

20 Dec

By Diva Maegan Reinhart

It has been decided that I am going to bring forth some wild, fun and adventurous things to do in this wonderful place I am lucky enough to call home!  I am thrilled to have this opportunity and can’t wait to get my feet wet.  My eyes have been opened up to how much this county really has to offer.  I have somehow been challenged with the adventure of trying to hike the county… now this is going to be a challenge and I will try my best to check out all the sites, but wow there are a lot of places to hike.  I also can’t wait to awaken my taste buds to the dazzling delicious treats Huron County has to offer!   Come join the Diva’s and I as we set out to have some fun and learn about all the fun things to do in Huron County.  Don’t be afraid to let me know if your looking for some Diva time.

Yours truly Diva Maegan Reinhart


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