There is a trail at my doorstep – Snowmobiles

13 Jan

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

The past week I have been hearing snowmobiles driving around very close to my house, not late at night, but loud enough for me to wonder if there was something going on. A friend dropped by the other day and filled me in on why the evening motor sounds have been happening. The snowmobile trail has been re-routed to go right past the Port Albert Store, which is right at my doorstep!

Yes, Divas do like to snowmobile! My main interest was the fact that now Port Albert, Ontario will be a happening spot, not only in the summer, but in the winter too. I hear that the Port Albert Inn plans to have chili nights and the Port Albert store has fuel, pizza, snacks and more.

I just checked the OFSC trail guide and they have not yet updated the new trails, but they will soon. There are trails throughout the county, for more information visit


One Response to “There is a trail at my doorstep – Snowmobiles”

  1. Ron Taylor January 16, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    Hi Jenna, sounds of snowmobiles can be heard north of Toronto in many resort destinations…check out the snowmobile packages and getaways at these resorts, inns, cottages and lodges

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