My $6 dollar hot lunch

18 Mar

By Diva Trista Russell

Hello Travel Diva blog readers! This is my first post as a new Diva, and I’m excited to share my travels with you!

On Friday I stopped in the little village of Zurich for lunch at Jerry Rader’s Homestyle Market. On Fridays, hot lunches (take-out style) are only $6.00…including tax! They had an awesome array of home-cooked food to choose from, and I decided to try the swedish meatballs, scalloped potatoes and baked beans.  To top it off, since the weather was so warm Friday afternoon, I was able to sit outside!

After my tasty lunch, I browsed the rest of the market. I was even greeted by Sam, the market’s resident cat, who was wandering around. Jerry Rader’s is famous for their delicious meat pies, but I discovered that they also have a variety of fresh salads and meats in the deli, frozen entrees, baked goods, and unique giftware and home decor.

The giftware is definitely worth checking out…they have everything from scarves, purses, and jewellery, to wall art, flameless candles, and wine accessories. I will definitely go back to pick up some gift items. I also hear that you can get a free slice of pie and coffee on Saturday mornings!

Jerry Rader’s Homestyle Market is open year-round, and is located at 38110 Zurich-Hensall Road. Check out their Facebook page for updates on new products and Friday’s hot lunch menus.


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