Some great deals in Clinton!

4 May

by: Diva Jenna Ujiye and Maegan Reinhart

Last Saturday we (Maegan and Jenna) met Maegan in Clinton for breakfast. We had a delightful breakfast at Bartliff’s at a cost of around $6.00 each it was a great deal. We both had the breakfast special, but there are many other option available. They have many food choices for under $10 and the best part is the bakery. If you are looking for some sweet treats, this place has a variety of cookies, cakes, squares, bread and more! We then decided to do some exploring of downtown Clinton.

We had about two hours and thought that we would be able to go to every store downtown. Well were we ever wrong! We made it to four stores and due to our time constraints had to get going. This means we are heading back for more soon!

Our first stop was the Lion fountain and giant radar for a couple of photos.

The second stop was Per-fect Designs. This great flower shop with neat home decor accents was fun to just be in. The colours are so bright and cheery, especially the gurgle pots. If you don’t know what these are, make sure to google them, they are beverage pitchers that make a whimsical gurgle noise when pouring.

The second store we went in to was Marita’s Fashion Boutique, but we had so much fun and took so many photos we have written a completely seperate blog post about this great ladies clothing store! We also made stops at the Shipping Store, Rack N’Room and the Dollar Haven and Discount. We were trying to find deals for under $20.00 and we did find some great ones at the dollar store! Our favourite deal at the Shipping Store – T-box – shirts, underwear, dresses and more vacuum packed into tiny boxes, great for travel! Check out our photos below.


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