2012 Blyth Festival – Eaglesmith music and life on the farm

26 Jun

The small town of Blyth, Ontario is host and home to the Blyth Centre for the Arts. It is a year-round cultural activity centre with a plethora of opportunities, including – Blyth Festival Theatre, an Art Gallery that showcases three professional exhibits and the Blyth Festival Singers.

The season is coming together very well with one show already started. The world premier of Dear Johnny Deere kicked the season of on June 22. This show  takes songs and music by Fred Eaglesmith and shows us the ups and downs of life on the farm. The Divas haven’t mad it out to the show yet, but they wanted to make sure that you all had the opportunity to hear about it! London Free Press wrote a great review about the show, check it out here: http://www.lfpress.com/entertainment/stage/2012/06/24/19915226.html and see a bit of information below. Look for more information to come soon about the other shows happening this summer!

If you are looking to get tickets or are looking for more information you can visit or call here:

www.blythfestival.com/ or call 1-877-862-5984


June 19 – July 7

WRITER(S): Ken Cameron
DIRECTOR: Eric Coates

Drivin’, shootin’, cheatin’, schemin’, and boozin’…just another day on the farm when Fred Eaglesmith is writing the tunes!  But it’s not all fun and games…Johnny and Caroline struggle to keep the farm afloat and their marriage together while the bills pile higher.  What will it take to keep them together?

Hint: it’s green.  And it’s a tractor.


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