2013 Blyth Festival Season

1 Apr

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Blyth Festival has got an amazing season ready to go for 2013 and today is the first day you can buy tickets!!!

Here is a quick overview of the season:


by Ken Cameron
Based on the music of Fred Eaglesmith​
Additional music & arrangements by David Archibald​
Directed by Eric Coates​
June 11 – 22: limited run

​Rebecca Auerbach, J.D. Nicholson, photo by Terry Manzo

Johnny and Caroline struggle to keep the farm afloat while the bills pile higher and The Man from Toronto wants to put a big ol’ overpass right through their farm. What will it take to keep it all together?

There will be more drivin’, shootin’, cheatin’, schemin’ and boozin’ down on the farm complete with a whole lot more singin’ as the cast rock it with Fred Eaglesmith’s biggest hits.


World Premiere june 26 – august 16
by The Collective
Directed by Severn Thompson

An original play about the people who make it work.

Inspired by the original Farm Show, these are the stories of the men, women and families who work the farm now. Led by Severn Thompson, a group of actors have gone out along the concession roads and built a play based on the sights, sounds and characters of the barns, fields and homes of Huron County – a play about the incredible and ever-evolving culture of agriculture.

From the farm, of the farm and for the farm.


July 3 – August 11 – world premiere
Book & Lyrics by Carolyn Hay
Music by Tom Szczesniak​
​Directed by Donna Feore

photo by Azarah Eells
Instead of city folks coming to the country without a clue, this is the story of two country gals heading to the heart of Toronto seeking love, fame and fortune. Their gift? Step-dancing.
What could possibly go wrong? Yorkville – the Musical is a whole lot of singing and step-dancing fun all the way to the final kiss.


July 31 – August 31
canadian classic
by Ted Johns
Directed by Peter Smith​

photo by Daniela Martin

First premiered in Blyth in 1985, it became an instant hit and toured the province to great acclaim!
A Revenue Canada field officer’s car breaks down in the ‘middle of nowhere’. He brings it to a local
garage and the eccentric mechanic who runs it. He inadvertently discovers what he thinks is the
scam of the century, but the truth of the matter is something else entirely. Filled with humour and a
cast of characters you’ll not soon forget, Garrison’s Garage has no idea how to your fix your vehicle
but certainly has your fix for plenty of laughs.


August 7 – 31 – world premiere
by Marie Beath Badian
Directed by Sue Miner

image courtesy H Holdsworth

It’s November 1969.
Two young nurses, just off the plane from the Philippines, arrive at a rural hospital in Arborfield, Saskatchewan – population 300. No one in town can tell them apart, including the lab tech at the hospital whose real job is playing goalie for the Arborfield Flyers. He falls in love with one of them but accidentally courts them both. It’s a comedy of errors with a great heart.


August 28 – September 7 – phillips studio
by Gary Kirkham
Directed by Peter Smith​
Featuring Catherine Fitch & Tony Munch

image by Alyzen Moonshadow

One autumn night, high in the sky above an isolated farmhouse, there is an explosion. Retired couple Elsie and Harold figure it must be a meteor. Their yard is suddenly filled with falling debris from a jetliner. They run for cover. When all is quiet again they venture out – sitting in their front yard is an airplane seat. And in that seat is the body of a 20 year-old man. The story that evolves is an emotional ride that is laced with humour. Inspired by a real life event, Falling: A Wake is driven by a pair of unforgettable characters – people who will stay with you long after the lights go down.


2 Responses to “2013 Blyth Festival Season”

  1. Lori @ Torontonicity May 20, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    I visited the Blyth Festival several years ago and loved it! Looks like a great playbill for 2013!

    • kstewart@ezlink.ca May 20, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

      Hi Lori,
      The Blyth Festival is a true gem in southwestern Ontario as it tells all Canadian stories and primarily new plays that are relevant, timely and engaging. It so much fun to say “I saw it at Blyth first” I hope you get a chance to visit again soon.

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