It’s not just about the Guys

6 May

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Guys in the Garage

I’ve never really wondered what went on in the garage when I wasn’t there. My garage seems to be a revolving door of guys coming to hang out, drink a beer or two and fix some item or another. I attended the second night of the newest play currently running at the Livery in Goderich on Friday. This show is called Guys in the Garage and is written and stars local writer and actor Rob Bundy. I don’t want to give away anything on the show, as there are still three more shows that you can get tickets to (which I will post later on!), but I will tell you that it gives you a bit of an insider on what happens in the garage!

Guys in the Garage 2

Many guys call it their “man cave” and it becomes a place where they have a sanctuary away from all troubles, women or kids! While watching the show I felt a bit like I was invading someones space. Local actors Ben Scholten, Wes Macvicar, Phil Main, Dave Subert and Steve Howard played the characters of the guys. They sure complained about their wives and being married quite often and seemed really concerned that their wives would find out they were having a beer. This is where Margery, played by Blanche Savage, saved the scariness of the show. She knew what they were doing and most of the wives probably did too. The garage is just a place where they could let a load off and get away, they all loved their wives and family!

The show runs may 9, 10 and 11 at 8pm, tickets are available online at or you can call 519-524-6262 or visit the box office at 35 South Street in Goderich – The box office is open:

Tuesday: 10 am – 1 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 3 – 5.30 pm
Rush seats, if available, on sale 30 minutes before performance


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