Park House Perfect on a Summer Friday afternoon

19 Jul

by Diva Karen


the view of the Lake was spectacular

I had a few errands to run in Goderich this afternoon so could not miss an opportunity to visit the main beach and have dinner on the patio at the Park House.  This is one of my favourite pubs in Goderich as it has good food, a casual and friendly atmosphere, and a wonderful view of the lake – no matter what time of year.  I often catch the sunset, but today I was there much too early.

As the storm came in over the lake, my sister and I stood on the banks of Lake Huron and enjoyed the view.   It was a very windy day so the dark clouds rolled by swiftly, the sharp bolts of summer lighting dashed through the sky and thunder rumbled overhead.  We just made it back to the car when the rain came.  A torrential down-pour lasted just a few minutes and then the sun came out so we headed to the Park House for dinner.

The Park House offers great pub food – appetizers and salads, wings, ribs, pastas and fresh fish.  My sister, Sherry, enjoyed the yellow fish and I enjoyed the ribs and wing combo – both were specials on the menu this evening. Fresh from the waters yellow fish are mild & sweet tasting with delicious white, flaky fillets. Dinner included five fillets, deep fried, served with fresh-cut fries.  Meaty, tender barbeque ribs and honey garlic wings were perfect fare with an ice-cold beer on a Friday afternoon.  The wings were especially good as the coating was different than any pub wings I’ve enjoyed before – I can only describe them as flaky which I realize might be an odd description of a deep-fried batter.  Caesar salads were served with both dinners as were a potato or rice.  Sherry had fresh cut fries with the fish while I enjoyed a baked potato with butter and sour cream.  The price was just $17.99 each.

Matthew Hussey on the piano

Matthew Hussey on the piano

As an added bonus, Matthew Hussey – on the piano – provided wonderful easy-listening music in the background that really added to this evening’s dining experience at the Parkhouse.

History outlined on the Restaurant’s web site ( tells us that this historical building is one of Huron County’s oldest structures, built in the late 1830’s. Thomas Mercer Jones, the first Commissioner of the Canada Company and his wife moved to Goderich in 1843 and lived in this Georgian-style home, which was once referred to as “The Castle” as a home, it was the centre of lavish dinner parties, balls and garden parties, as the garden beds and spacious lawns were said to be a sight to behold. An impressive residence with 10 magnificent fireplaces – some constructed from imported Italian marble – that heated many bedrooms and drawing rooms. In 1895 an agreement was signed by the Canada Company to sell four of the lots which comprised the company’s property, including the home. The gracious home of Mr. and Mrs. Jones became a railroad hotel, known as Maitland House. On December 9, 1945 a fire destroyed the roof and top floor of the hotel which was then rebuilt with a flat roof.  In the spring of 1976 the hotel was purchased and renamed the Harbour Park Inn. It is the oldest building standing in Goderich today, a reminder of the vision of the men of the Canada Company and the early settlers of Huron County. Over the years, this building has undergone many changes but one thing remains, The Park House is a friendly meeting place filled with atmosphere, overlooking beautiful Lake Huron.”

If you’re looking for good food in a casual setting, I highly recommend a visit to the Park House next time you’re in Goderich.

Park House Tavern & Eatery
168 West Street, Goderich, Ontario

Rib/Wing combo

Rib/Wing combo

Sherry enjoyed deep fried yellow fish fillets and home-cut french fries

Sherry enjoyed deep fried yellow fish fillets and home-cut french fries


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