Creek Side Pig Roast a hit with this Diva!

16 Aug

by Guest Diva, Kimberley Payne

August 1, 2013

Mission: to be a guest Travel Diva and visit The Benmiller Inn and Spa, Creek Side Pig Roast

an "ultimate Country Experience" at Benmiller Inn and Spa

an “ultimate Country Experience” at Benmiller Inn and Spa

Our reservations were made and we arrived at the Inn on a beautiful sunny Thursday evening in August.  Chef Spencer Vail seemed to have things well in hand and the much-celebrated pig from Metzger Meats was slowly turning on spit over a bed of coals on the patio drum BBQ when we arrived.

Although our preference was a patio table, the guests already being served were enjoying themselves so much a table was not free for us, so we opted to eat inside.

Still a lovely atmosphere, but it would have been more enjoyable to be outside and feel you were part of the festivities. There were a couple of families dining out together and the children were having a great romp out on the grass, which certainly added to the feel of a pig roast party. Plenty of laughter and chatter, all signs of people enjoying good food and good company together.

We started our evening with a lovely, robust Malbec from Argentina, which was still soft enough not to overpower the pork we were planning to make the star of our meal.  Once we made our way out to the patio we found a lovely variety of cold salads and vegetables that included offerings of a fennel/cabbage slaw, build your own Caesar Salad, potato salad, crudities and some nice dense house baked breads. Steamed vegetables were available but the warm baked beans were my personal favourite. Not your traditional baked brown beans either. Rather than just regular beans this dish was enhanced with black beans, corn and other varieties of beans that added colour and depth to the dish. The star in this cast of characters was definitely the pork. Carved as you liked it and served with three different choices of sauce. It was moist and flavourful and best of all for me…..the crackling! I am always the one who wants the skin off the turkey and the crackling from the pork. It was beautiful, not so thick it was impossible to chew, but thin and crispy and so tasty.

As we made our way around I was tempted to grab my dessert on the way by. You know…just to make sure I got the one I wanted, which was the pecan pie, but there looked to be plenty so I decided to enjoy my main and go back later.  We were happily surprised to see several friends from town out to enjoy the pig roast as well, as they were making their way to the dessert table. One friend selected a dinner plate as he made his way to the table, turns out he really loves pecan pie too. As you might have guessed when I went back only crumbs remained of the pecan pie, so I decided to enjoy the freshly made bumble berry pie.

Benson Brown

Benson Brown

Live entertainment was provided by local musician Benson Brown to a back drop of the stream from the mill pond gurgling nearby.  The patio is lovely and perfect for a pig roast, and the diners included birthday parties and an anniversary as well as guests from the Inn.

This is the second year for the very successful pig roasts, which are held the first Thursday from June – September. So you still have a chance to get one more in if you feel sufficiently enticed to do so. Reservations are recommended, especially if you wish to enjoy your dinner outside on the patio, seating is from 5-9pm.

Benmiller Inn & Spa
81175 Benmiller Road
Goderich, Ontario
Canada N7A 3Y1
Tel: 800.265.1711 or 519.524.2191
Fax: 519.524.5150



Umh! Bumbleberry Pie!

a beautiful garden at Benmiller Inn and Spa

a beautiful garden at Benmiller Inn and Spa


Tasteful decor – Benmiller Style


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