“No. No no no. Never….”

28 Dec

IMG-20131219-00893by Diva Sophie Jefferson


This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there are skips (captain) who yell a lot… and sweepers that aren’t that good of listeners!  When the sweeping occurs is very important-reducing the friction on the ice not only maintains the speed of a rock, but it can also maintain its current trajectory.

I started curling more than my hair this year.  Most of the time, I curl in Guelph (where I work during the week), but this week I also played as a spare in the Belgrave league at the Wingham Golf and Curling Club.  Curling is a great indoor winter sport – a little bit of exercise and a lot of socializing.  Tradition also states that the winners buy the losers a drink, so in my opinion, there are no losers!

the curling stone … sometimes called the "rock"

the curling stone … sometimes called the “rock”

The Maitland Country Club hosted a couple of opportunities to try out curling over the holidays!  It was a great time with family and friends to get some fresh air and exercise in between all the devouring of food!!

It you get a chance – you should try it too!


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