Winterlicious Getaway at Brentwood – Part 2

24 Mar
Peter & Joan with Sof & Olga (seated) (Photo courtesy of Brentwood's FB page)

Peter & Joan with Sof & Olga (seated) (Photo courtesy of Brentwood’s FB page)

by Diva Trista Russell

Earlier this month I wrote about my overnight stay at Brentwood on the Beach, and I promised another post with some stories about the interesting guests I met. Well here it is!

Betty & Pat: These two ladies were from the Harriston area, and I had a chance to chat with them during dinner on the Sunday night. They found Brentwood online, saw pictures of fellow quilters on the website that they knew, and decided to make a reservation! These two lovely ladies enjoyed manicures, pedicures, and massages during their stay. Their praise for Brentwood was recently posted on Brentwood’s Facebook page: “What a great winter getaway we had at Brentwood. The Winterlicious dinner was awesome and the brunch the next morning was wonderful. It was so relaxing and soothing to be pampered and cared for by your staff. We had a lovely time and will certainly be back again.”

Guests relaxing

Guests relaxing

Gwen & Don: This couple was from Stratford and I sat down to talk with them during brunch. This active couple loves to run and won a stay at Brentwood as door prize from the Pinery Provincial Park Road Race.

Andy & Michelle: From the Kitchener-Waterloo area, this couple enjoys outdoor activities and were excited to head to the Pinery Park to do some cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Gwen looking out at Lake Huron

Gwen looking out at Lake Huron

Anthony & Daphne: Anthony is Brentwood’s computer expert and he and his family lives in London. After they were married, they spent their honeymoon at Brentwood!

Sof & Olga: This has to be one of the craziest stories! This couple from Toronto were repeat Brentwood guests. Sof said he booked the Winterlicious getaway after he saw the picture of the Rouladen dinner on Brentwood’s newsletter. Before their stay, they decided to spend some time cross-border shopping. On their way back from Michigan, their truck broke down in Michigan. After a 1.5 hour wait, they were towed to the border, but the driver had no passport so they were left at the border. Another tow truck driver arrived almost an hour later to tow them. After a long and stressful afternoon, you would expect they would have headed home and cancelled their stay. Instead, this couple was focused on heading to Brentwood! The tow truck driver towed them over the boarder to St. Joesph’s, where they arrived after dark when dinner was just finishing. When Peter and Joan heard about this, they invited the tow truck driver in for dinner. While it was a bit later then they would have liked, Sof and Olga enjoyed some dinner and some Brentwood hospitality. Such dedicated guests!

Joan feeding the tow truck driver (Photo courtesy of Brentwood's FB page)

Joan feeding the tow truck driver (Photo courtesy of Brentwood’s FB page)

Entrance to Brentwood

Entrance to Brentwood


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