Six Beavers or One Beaver, Six Times?!?

21 May

nickelby Diva Gwen Richardson

I wish I had the photo to prove it, but I don’t.

Recently I had some time to fritter away in the early evening in Clinton, so decided to visit Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area. I hadn’t been there for quite a few years, but it won’t be long until I return. I randomly chose to turn down Bridge road off Kinburn Line; an excellent choice! Walking alone, and thus quietly, I noticed a small brown animal, no more than 5 feet in front of me. We both were frozen still for a moment before it scurried off the dyke and into the marshy area.    I instantly thought “that was a beaver!” and almost as instantly, “nah, probably not.”

I continued on, enjoying all the sights (Canada geese, many varieties of ducks, redwing black birds, robins, tree swallows, finches and warblers) and sounds of the marsh. There were so many birds singing, and I know for sure I heard spring peepers and bullfrogs, and I think tree frogs too.  There should be an app for that, and there probably is.

But, back to the beaver.  Once again, a brown animal scurried across the dike and into the marsh.  Watching carefully, “stalking” really, I had the great pleasure of watching it cross my path 4 more times and I was able to watch it swim and use that amazing rudder of a tail, before it would disappear from my view again.

So, 6 beavers, or the same beaver over and over?  It doesn’t really matter to me; it was all so delightful. I was also thinking that those geese and ducks must be nesting, so it will be a fabulous place to spot goslings soon.  When I googled the website, I also discovered that it is a nesting place for bald eagles. Now that will be something to see.

And in case you need one more temptation to go there, just as I was leaving, a magnificent grey heron rose up from the marsh and flew just in front of me.

The Hullett Marsh is huge, about 500 acres, so it would be a good idea to check out their website:, and perhaps print off a map.

And don’t forget your camera, bird and flower guide books and a nickel, so you can identify the beaver!!

Phone:  (519) 482-7011

Physical Address: South-East section of the property….
41378 Hydro Line Road,
Clinton, Ontario

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1520,
Clinton, Ontario



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