Apple Blossom Walk on the Blyth Greenway Trail

14 Jun
The winter was long and hard on fruit trees - and the blossoms weren't quite at their peak.

The winter was long and hard on fruit trees – and the blossoms weren’t quite at their peak.

by Karen Stewart

On Saturday, May 24th, 2014 a small group of local residents met in the Village of Blyth to enjoy a walk along the Greenway Trail and hear about the no less than fifteen brands of apples growing there.  The story that these apples grew from cores pitched from the windows of the passing trains captured my interest.

Due to the long, long winter, the blossoms were not quite at their peak, but we did listen to tales of the Blyth Greenway by local historian Brock Vodden while enjoying a walk among the blossoms, trees and shrubs!

This blossom walk was lead by Hauke Reisenbichler, a Master Craftsmen in Gardens and Orchards from Germany.  He shared information on the fruit trees as well as some uses for wild plants growing along the Maitland River located adjacent to the trail.

Participants agreed there was interest in gathering again this fall to walk the trail and identify the apples, many of which are heritage brands.  A local source reported that one particular tree makes great applesauce — I look forward to trying some this fall.

But, the Trilliums were in their prime.

But, the Trilliums were in their prime.


One Response to “Apple Blossom Walk on the Blyth Greenway Trail”

  1. Cat O'Donnell August 15, 2014 at 2:36 am #

    Hello, I live close to that trail in Blyth. We reside in the ol century home with the potters studio attached. We just moved in, but, will be a part of this years Huron Open Doors Event. You should come and check it out!! I love your site, very insightful, love the banter. Btw, did you have a cinnamon apple scone at Queens? They are deelish! Speaking of apples, I was reading on your site, you can include us in your collection…we are on the Blyth Garden Tour (oh, my, it’s a lot of garden!) and there’s this cool funky little tree, grows three kinds of apples! You can enjoy berries as well, over 20 different asiatic Lilies. I thought I’d include a few little signs for the tour, make it more engaging for people. There’s a hummingbird flower (I got an amazing video!) called “something I can’t possibly pronounce” ‘Lucifer’. Cool. Anyway, come for a visit, throw some clay on the wheel and see everything else we have to offer. Warning: Extremely charming Greyhound on premises, Grant, you may experience outbursts of love and affection, but, do not be alarmed, it’s just Grey Lovins. Visit us on facebook for now, (just moved in) so we haven’t got site back up yet. Go to Wonky Frog Studio, see what us artists, Scott Ramsay, Cat O’Donnell & in house Muse, Maximus Interuptus Grantisarous. Cheers.

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