Samuel’s Thursday Night Sushi is Back!

31 Jul

Samuel's Summer Sushi Backby Diva Calista Powell
Transitioning from living in the city for 5 years to moving back to Huron County is something I welcomed with open arms back in March. I knew that I would not miss the hustle and bustle of traffic, the blaring sirens and unfamiliar faces. But my gosh, I did not consider how much I would miss sushi. Luckily, a good friend and foodie extraordinaire, Jill Donnelly, notified me that her work, Samuel’s Hotel in Saltford, serves these beautiful rice rolls every Thursday night. Conveniently located across the street from my Dad’s house, I met up with Jill and our mutual friend Brittany and was pleasantly surprised to see the wide variety of sushi rolls on the menu. I would have to say that the best part about the menu was the great promotion they have on Thursday night called “A Dinner for One”. For $21, you can order your choice of 1 starter, 1 roll, and 1 dessert. This was a great choice for all of us as Jill is an experienced sushi connoisseur, and Brittany had never tried any before so we ordered to share.

The summer fresh rolls.

The summer fresh rolls.

After mowing down our appetizers of always-a-great-choice edamame and some super gingery summer rolls (fresh rolls), I felt nearly full already but had to continue when the main course arrived. Jill, feeling daring, ordered the Fusion Fire roll which was a spicy blend of Lake Huron white bass, cucumber, and peppers topped with a chili mayo, and after having a couple pieces I thought my mouth was going to literally light on fire. They don’t joke when they say extra spicy, but then again I’m kind of a sissy when it comes to hot foods. Britt chose the safe option and went with the Teriyaki Chicken and although she was a little timid to take the first bite, she ate every last piece and tried some of mine and Jill’s. I decided to go with the Fusion Salmon roll which was cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives, cucumber and avocado topped with a pile of fish roe. Britt asked what the “little orange balls” were, and with our encouragement she tried, and liked arguably as much as Jill and I did.
Teriyaki chicken rolls. I have such great friends for letting me sneak a few morsels  off of their plates. “Guys, it’s for a Travel Diva’s article, come onnnn”.

Teriyaki chicken rolls. I have such great friends for letting me sneak a few morsels
off of their plates. “Guys, it’s for a Travel Diva’s article, come onnnn”.

If we weren’t wowed enough already, when the chocolate brownie and emperor’s napolean desserts came out we were definitely impressed. The presentation was so beautiful I almost felt bad destroying it, but it was worth every bite. I have never seen a dessert as elaborate as the emperor’s napolean. As expected, the sweet crispy wontons, green tea whipped cream, summer berries and raspberry chocolate liquor sauce were to die for. I have to say that one of my favourite things to do is introduce friends to excellent cuisine and I don’t think we could have picked a better place than Samuel’s Hotel to dine for girls night.

To view the rest of Samuel’s Special Thursday night Sushi menu:

Samuel’s Hotel Inc. are located at
34031 Saltford Rd.,  Goderich, ON N7A 4C6


A deliciously rich brownie

A deliciously rich brownie

All hail the emperor’s napoleon.

All hail the emperor’s napoleon.


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