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New Book Illustrates Huron County

17 Aug

The landscapes, communities and lifestyles of Huron County are featured in 167 colour photos inside a fabulous 128 page photo book entitled “The Beauty and Bounty of Huron County”. This volume is the third  hard cover photo book published by T. Wegg Photography, a regional publisher who specializes in books which expand the understanding and appreciation of rural Ontario.

Beauty-and-Bounty-of-Huron-CountySections in the book highlight aerial photos, wildlife images and views relating to Huron’s productive and varied agricultural foundation. In addition, an extensive segment is devoted to the rural landscapes, historic towns and quiet villages that are a particular attraction of Huron County. The volume thus becomes a comprehensive visual survey that will serve as a treasured keepsake and a valuable resource for both residents and visitors.

The photo collection is a collaboration of three photographers. Telfer Wegg is known from previous books and publications featuring his images of rural Ontario. Contributors David Bishop and Bonnie Sitter are Huron County photographers whose systematic explorations of back roads and byways with their cameras have enabled them to capture dramatic visions of Huron County seldom seen by casual observers.

Photographs by Telfer Wegg, David Bishop, Bonnie Sitter
Hardcover – 8.75 x 12 inches – 128 pages – full colour – $40
ISBN 978-0-9698207-6-5
For further information, please contact:
Bonnie Sitter
tel: 519 235 1909


Baby Lambs: an hour at sheep farm

11 May

By Divas Jenna Ujiye and Maegan Reinhart

Last Saturday was filled with fluffy little lambs and lots of sheep! We thought it would be fun to check out a sheep farm and we knew that there would be lots of lambs too! This farm is located just east of Clinton, there are others in the County, but you would have to call them to see if you could get in to take a peek! Enjoy the photos and video!

Diva Photo Shoot

12 Jun

By: Diva Jenna

A couple of weeks ago I had a photographer coming up to take photos of the area, we were focusing on Girls Getaways and couples fun. I needed some models so I called Kaylie and Mark and Sarah Hussey. Unfortunately Sarah came down with the flu, so it was just Mark, Kaylie and I. We headed to Brussels to Cinnamon Jims and then to the Brussels Damn. Kaylie and I ended up doing the Girls getaway photo shoot and we both worked with Mark to get the couple photos. What a fun afternoon we had!  I thought I would post some of the photos of the day.

Kaylie & Jenna - Ontario Travel Divas

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mmm beefy…

11 May

It has recently come to my attention that Zehrs, and other grocery chains will be switching their beef products over to provide Ontario corn fed beef. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to talk to Zehrs assistant store manager Brad Lewis. I sat down with him and asked a few questions. Here’s what I know.

Zehrs decided to make the switch from American beef to Canadian beef due to consumers demand for it. We asked, they answered. It became very apparent that people are very interested in where their food is coming from and how it is prepared, so Zehrs stepped up their game to provide with many local products.

Lewis couldn’t think of any real cons regarding this switch. He felt certain the product quality would actually improve and that prices should relatively stay the same. I also asked about other meat products and if Zehrs intended to make a switch to Ontario poultry and pork as well. He was not 100% sure but said it was something they had talked about and he hoped the rest of the meats would follow suit.

This is very exciting news as far as I am concerned!!! I always felt very concerned about not knowing exactly where my beef was coming from. Fortunately when I am at home I know exactly where I am getting it – my back yard! However that is not an option for the majority of consumers. The Ontario Cattle Feeders Association is a group of like-minded farm families that share the same visions, challenges and, hopefully, future successes. The meat comes from 110 independent family run beef operations. That’s right family run, no corporate nonsense. These farms are located all across Ontario, with farm sizes ranging from 150 head of cattle to 5000. All of the farms participating are 2nd and 3rd generation family farms.

Another great thing about this Ontario beef is that the certifications that the beef must meet are very strict. All families must have completed an environmental farm plan, 80% of the animals diet must be corn, all medical records must be accountable and feed samples are to be provided upon request. Those are just a few of the certifications that I read, there are many more!

Jim Ginn, Reeve of Central Huron, and also a beef farmer informed me that, “Canada has some of the highest standards and stringent guidelines for chemical residues in food, whereas the imports from other countries may not always meet Canadian standards… local food ensures safe and high quality food for consumers. It also cuts down drastically on our ecological footprint and helps out our local economy enormously. All in all this is a wonderful change.”

Finally we can feel good again about eating meat! We can know where it came from, how the animal was fed, and how the animals were treated!


A Girls Getaway Photo Shoot

20 Mar

This week was a catch up week and I needed a “Girls Getaway” photo for an ad. Kaylie and I had planned a meeting in Bayfield, so I invited Brittany Fry and Monica Walker-Bolton to come with me. I don’t know how many times a month I am looking for models for photo shoots, but this time everything worked out perfectly! We ended up finding another friend while in Bayfield, so it made for a great day and perfect photo shoot!

If you are interested in modeling or being in out photo shoots, leave a comment below!

Check out some of the photos below:

Girls Getaway
Girls Getaway 2

Girls Getaway 2Girls Getaway 3

Girls Getaway 4

Girls Getaway 4

Stag and Doe

10 Mar

Hey all,

I am sitting in my kitchen right now looking out the window, its grey and pouring rain. I dont want to complain since rain is clearly better than snow, but come on already enough is enough, i need some sunshine in my life! How am i supposed to blog about the wonders and beauty of central huron if I dont want to go outside! Well, I cant control the weather, but I can brighten your spirits. Enough sitting inside with nothing to do, it is time to get excited for spring! Living in central huron we all know what spring means, STAG AND DOE SEASON!!!! finally, something to look forward too! This blog has a little bit of a selfish purpose, today I am  plugging my girl Steph Milleys stag and doe! She is marrying her high school sweetheart in July, and will be having a stag and doe on Saturday May 7th above the old arena! Tickets are going fast, however, I still have some! So, if you would like just send me a facebook message, or an emial, and I will hook you up. Looking forward to seeing everyones beautiful faces this spring 🙂


Lovin me some Huron County

7 Mar

Hey all! Kaylie here,

As Jenna already mentioned her and I will be working together to create a blog about our local experiences. I am 24 years old and was born and raised just outside of Goderich. After highschool I attended Wilfred Laurier University and graduated with a degree in communications. To get me through financially, I came home each summer and worked at the Black Dog in Bayfield. School is now done which means I don’t have to work quite as hard J . My summers were always so hectic that I had little to no time to actually enjoy what was surrounding me. My beach days were limited, I had no time to eat out, I didn’t get to enjoy local theatre ect.  So I decided to take a summer to appreciate, what I feel I ignored in the past. I always spoke about loving the small town life, but I feel I have not taken full advantage of what Huron County has to offer, so for my blog I want to share with you all my experiences and showcase what our area has to offer. I am going to be Captain Huron County!  If its local, ill be there! I am going to make the very best of this spring and summer and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all!!!