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Huron County – 29 Beautiful Hiking Trails

17 Jul

by Diva Calista Powell
When I was a kid it was nearly impossible to keep me inside in the summertime. I can vividly remember my best friend Brittany and I exploring the many hiking trails around Goderich. We told ghost stories at Tiger Dunlop’s tomb and watched many sunsets from the Menesetung bridge. To this day, my appreciation for nature has not subsided and I am happy to call Huron home as we have over 29 beautiful hiking trails to discover. Here are some of my favourites that I have explored this season:

Trail #1: Maitland Woods

This 3.3km hiking trail is on the south edge of Goderich and is family friendly. There are boardwalks put in place to protect the varieties of plant life along the way and it is not uncommon to see wildlife along the path. What is great about this trail is that in the winter time it makes for an excellent cross-country skiing adventure!

Directions: Main entrance is off of Parsons Court at the southwest corner of the Knights of Columbus parking lot in Goderich, Ontario.


THe Maitland Trail – hiking the gravel path at sunset.

Trail #2: Bannockburn Conservation Area

The Bannockburn trail has always been a favourite for my family, and every year we honour our tradition and attend their Fall hike hosted by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. I remember as a young kid I had a special mug that I would bring from home to fill up with hot apple cider to enjoy along the walk. The Bannockburn trail is also a favourite for many because you can bring your family pet as long as they are leashed. Also, there are alternate routes for hikers with a higher experience level. Come and enjoy the six natural communities Bannockburn has to offer; wet meadow, deciduous forest, old field, aquatic, marsh and white cedar.

Directions: Bannockburn Conservation is located on 76249 Bannockburn Line and is the first side road east of Varna off of County Road #3 (Mill Road).

Trail #3: MacNaughton-Morrison Trail

The MacNaughton-Morrison Trail is a 4km loop that is part of the South Huron hiking experience along the Ausable river. Known for it’s population of white squirrels, trail-goers can expect to see a variety of wildlife among the hardwood and pine forests. What is particularly great about this trail is that it is wheelchair accessible and even has a great volunteer-run “Trail Mobile” that gives people with limited mobility the chance to experience the beauty of nature free of charge. To book the Trail Mobile, contact Ausable Bayfield Conservation at 519-235-2610.

Directions: This trail is located off of MacNaughton Park in Exeter at 62 MacNaughton Drive.


For more information on these trails and to discover many more, pick up Ontario’s West Coast Hiking Guide or visit



There is a trail at my doorstep – Snowmobiles

13 Jan

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

The past week I have been hearing snowmobiles driving around very close to my house, not late at night, but loud enough for me to wonder if there was something going on. A friend dropped by the other day and filled me in on why the evening motor sounds have been happening. The snowmobile trail has been re-routed to go right past the Port Albert Store, which is right at my doorstep!

Yes, Divas do like to snowmobile! My main interest was the fact that now Port Albert, Ontario will be a happening spot, not only in the summer, but in the winter too. I hear that the Port Albert Inn plans to have chili nights and the Port Albert store has fuel, pizza, snacks and more.

I just checked the OFSC trail guide and they have not yet updated the new trails, but they will soon. There are trails throughout the county, for more information visit

Do you think about food all the time? Win a dinner with the Travel Divas!

28 Jun

By: Diva Jenna

CONTEST –  to win a Food For Thought dinner with the Travel Divas

If you would like to win a dinner (see below for the dinners) at the Taste of Huron with the Travel Divas and be a star for the day on the Ontario Travel Divas site, all you have to do is:

Post your favourite culinary experience in Huron County to the bottom of this blog!

2010 Photos

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I think about food all the time! Huron is one of the most agriculturally productive counties in Ontario and we have some of the best culinary treats around! I’m going to be regularly posting about the different events that are happening during the two week event!

During the 2011 Taste of Huron there are going to be 7 Food For Thought dinners and 2 Locavore Luncheons. They are happening on week days in between August 29 & September 9. These meals include three courses, plus an interesting foodie topic, they don’t break the bank at $40 for the dinners and $20 for the lunches and they take place all across the County.

Taste of Huron – Food For Thought Dinners

Check out the website for more details

Cost: $40.00* (does not include: beverages, taxes or service)
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Details: Please call individual restaurants to make reservations

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank a Farmer

Hosted by: Hessenland Country Inn
Contact: 1-866-543-7736

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Functional Foods: Enhancing Your Diet

Hosted by: Benmiller Inn & Spa
Contact: 1-800-265-1711

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato & More!

Hosted by: The Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro
Contact: 1-519-565-2326

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Boring!

Hosted by: Fireside Cafe
Contact: 1-519-357-4484

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Blyth Inn – coming soon!

Hosted by: The Blyth Inn
Contact: 1-519-523-9381

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Huron County’s Wine Industry

Hosted by: The Little Inn of Bayfield
Contact: 1-800-565-1832

Thursday, September 8 2011

A Fish Out of Water

Hosted by: Eddington’s of Exeter
Contact: 1-519-235-3030

Campgrounds galore!

27 May

Playing at Shelter Valley

Ontario’s West Coast is known for it’s wonderful Countryside and Coastline, but who knew that we had 26 amazing campgrounds in the area?

When I was a kid my parents had a trailer and we spent every weekend at it in the summer time! I will never forget those cherished moments. Campgrounds always have really great events and activities going on.

This past weekend I stopped by to visit Laurie and Bert at Shelter Valley Campground, where my friend Adrienne was staying with her husband and daughter. Shelter Valley is located, on Highway 8 in between Clinton and Goderich. Of course, since it was May 24 weekend the campground was filled to capacity!  When I first got to the campground I walked round and checked out the river. The water was really high, perfect for canoeing or kayaking, we watched at least 10 people paddle by effortlessly. After that we went for a walk and played on the equipment, walked up the hiking path and then had a wonderful barbecue. “Chef Mike” (Adriennes’s Husband) made awesome burger and Adrienne got the salads ready. since it was a long weekend, fieworks were planned for dusk. Bert and crew put on an awesome 45 minute show!

I can’t wait to get out again, you can’t really say that I went camping, since I went home that night. I do plan on getting out this summer though! If you are single or with a group, camping is always a blast. Since activities are planned you will always meet interesting people from all over the place. If you are looking to camp this summer, check out to pick your favourite place!

Remembering: The beach in 2010

5 May

So the weather of spring 2011 has not been the greatest so far… So I thought I would post a story of the beach and campfires in the summer of 2010 to remind everyone of what is soon to come!

My friend Shawna called me up in June and said that her and her daughter Hilary wanted to come up to my house and go to the beach and camp out. We decided on a weekend in July. Hilary and Shawna got here around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we immediately headed to the beach in Port Albert. It was almost 30 degrees and the sun was shining. We set up our towels and a shade umbrella and ran into the water. Was it ever refreshing! The three of us played mermaid games in the water and watched as boats went by further out. Then we played in the sand for a bit, went back in the water and cleaned the sand off and headed back to my house for a barbecue, campfire and of course to set up the tent! After setting up the tent we sat by the campfire, made s’mores and played with sparklers.

At the beach in Port AlbertShawna and Hilary at the beach in PA

Hilary at the beach

CampfireThe Tent

Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Fries, O MY!!!

7 Apr

Hello friends,

I just received some very exciting news and felt the need to share it with the world. Willies Burger Stop, in Clinton, Freeze King, in Seaforth, and Woodlands in Bayfield are officially open for the season!!!!! I am still unsure about Sky Ranch just outside of Goderich, but being the detective that I am I will find out asap! This is how I know spring is here, all my favourite drive in burger shops are open. My mouth is watering just thinking about pizza rolls and spicy fries! Its Friday, and its almost lunch time, drop what you are doing and go get a double bacon cheese burger, you deserve it!!



Staycationing… Save some money on gas!

26 Mar

Send me Staycation Ideas if you have them!!!

Is “staycation” a word? I think so! For me this week has been about learning and finding out new information. I was at a “super” conference on Tuesday, where many people from around Huron County attended to learn about – Economic Development Strategies, Immigration in Huron, Transportation in Huron, Social Enterprise and The Huron County Sustainability plan.

Dr.Wayne Caldwell (Check out his website to learn more – )started off the day telling us about a few key factors to keep in mind on a daily basis. One of them really stuck with me, gas… or Peak Oil. Our world is in a situation where we may be paying large amounts of money to fill our vehicles with gasoline. I am not going to get in to any logistics, but I will say that a tank of gas could cost much more than we are paying now.I also got to hear more about Sustainable Huron, in which the County of Huron is creating a plan right now. We need to be sustainable to keep the current lifestyle we have. Check out the blog to learn more –

So this got me to thinking about summer vacation, should I I take a staycation instead? There are so many wonderful attractions in the area that I could spend weeks checking them all out, for much less money than driving or flying out of the area.

So far I plan on doing the following:

Heading to the beach at Point Farms, Spending the day at Above the Falls Challenge Course (climbing and having fun!), Culinary delights, Renting a canoe from Timber’s Outfitters in Seaforth, Hiking and I am going to try to fish!

Again, if you have any ideas of things for me to check out, send them my way!