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Remembering: The beach in 2010

5 May

So the weather of spring 2011 has not been the greatest so far… So I thought I would post a story of the beach and campfires in the summer of 2010 to remind everyone of what is soon to come!

My friend Shawna called me up in June and said that her and her daughter Hilary wanted to come up to my house and go to the beach and camp out. We decided on a weekend in July. Hilary and Shawna got here around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we immediately headed to the beach in Port Albert. It was almost 30 degrees and the sun was shining. We set up our towels and a shade umbrella and ran into the water. Was it ever refreshing! The three of us played mermaid games in the water and watched as boats went by further out. Then we played in the sand for a bit, went back in the water and cleaned the sand off and headed back to my house for a barbecue, campfire and of course to set up the tent! After setting up the tent we sat by the campfire, made s’mores and played with sparklers.

At the beach in Port AlbertShawna and Hilary at the beach in PA

Hilary at the beach

CampfireThe Tent


The signs of Spring

6 Mar

Well I must say that today has been the warmest sunny day we have had on Ontario’s west coast since the wick melt in January.

This time of year usually isn’t really that pretty in any part of Ontario, with all of the dirty looking snow banks and trees without leaves. Today is an exception!

While I was out for a walk this afternoon, I thought I would go to the beach in Port Albert, just north of Goderich and south of Kincardine, on Lake Huron.Check out the photo and video below to check it out!

I think these are great signs of spring coming!

Photo of the beach in Port Albert