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Mini winter holiday in Huron County: Part I

28 Feb

hikinggoderich4The following is the first in a series of winter day-tripping ideas from Diva Shari Parsons, who has a special passion for driving adventures, trail hiking and photo opportunities.

What do you do when you need a “Winter Getaway” but you can’t actually “getaway”? That was the conundrum facing my hubby and me this past week. With a week’s holidays and only a beer budget, you have to get a little creative.

We decided to take advantage of some of our favourite activities in some of our favourite places right here in our own backyard of Huron County.

hikinggoderich3A sunny day with cold winds called for a road trip on country roads. We started down at the Goderich waterfront where I enjoyed looking at the fantastic ice mounds formed just offshore. The ice covering the one harbour entrance light made the building look like a frosted wedding cake. Snow and ice made for some interesting costumes for the dozens of Inuksuit (that is the plural form) still bravely standing along the ice-encrusted shoreline.

hikinggoderich2A stop at the north end of St. George’s Crescent in Goderich gives a fantastic view of the grain elevators, salt mine, and harbour, which on this particular day held three ships in an icy grasp. Puffy clouds on the horizon mimicked snow capped mountains in the distance. Turn around and you can enjoy the wonderful historical architecture of stately homes such as McDermott’s castle and the former home of lumber merchant Joseph Williams.

hikingauburn5We continued to drive north from Goderich on Hwy. 21 and turned onto Blyth Road (Cnty. Rd. 35) where we enjoyed the sight of rolling snow covered fields criss-crossed with sparkling creeks. After crossing the picturesque Maitland River in Auburn, we turned south onto the Base Line Road and pulled off at Manchester Park to take in the sights and sounds of the Maitland River on a sunny winter’s day. The sunlight made an interesting pattern of shadows on the snow from the long line of poplar trees along the lane. The snow was criss-crossed with the tracks of an adventurous field mouse.

hikingauburn6We continued south on Base Line Road, then turned west on the Londesboro Road and stopped at the former mill in Benmiller, which is now the Benmiller Inn. You can watch the Maitland River flow past the historic River Mills buildings. I took some photos of interesting architectural features frosted with snow. The blue sky, trees and historic building of Gledhill House were reflected in the water of Gledhill Pond.

hikingbenmiller8We returned home having enjoyed the bright winter sun, lovely scenery and some great photo ops.

Grab your favourite hot beverage, jump in the car and explore the beauty that surrounds us in Huron County!



This diva is learning new words: Cassoulet, confit and crema

25 Feb


By Diva Jenna Ujiye

The title of this article highlights three foods or terms I had to Google to figure out for sure what they meant!

For many of us, food talk can be a bit difficult to understand. What I’ve realized is that all of it usually tastes good and I can Google the words to get their full meaning!

Cassoulet– Cassoulet is a rich, slow‑cooked casserole originating in the south of France, containing meat, pork skin and white beans.

Confit– is a cooking term for when food is cooked in grease, oil or sugar water (syrup), at a lower temperature than deep frying.

Crema– Italian for cream, a variation of sour cream popular in Mexico and Central America or a commune in the northern Italian province of Cremona.

Soooo let’s hope that crema is not a commune in Italy, that would not mix well with poached pears!

The red door entrance at Benmiller Inn and Spa

The red door entrance at Benmiller Inn and Spa

As per usual, I try to get out to as many Taste of Huron dinners as possible and earlier this week I made my way to the Benmiller Inn and Spa with five friends. Let me just say that they didn’t disappoint!  This three-course dinner is available until February 28 and is $39 for all three courses.

We were first served an amuse bouche (happy mouth) of chicken in sweet and sour sauce on a deep fried wonton. This starter was a tangy surprise and helped us to get excited about the rest of the meal.

We started with a White Bean Cassoulet duck confit, wild boar and orange sausage. While we were eating this course I looked around and noticed that most of us were saving the wild boar and orange sausage until the end. The tender meat was perfectly flavoured with orange and tied the cassoulet together. I also loved the use of white beans, seeing that Huron is home to Hensall – the White Bean Capital of Canada!!!

Kate, Hellen and Erin enjoying the bean Cassoulet

Kate, Hellen and Erin enjoying the bean Cassoulet

White Bean Cassoulet duck confit

White Bean Cassoulet duck confit

The main course was Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin braised date stuffing, celeriac mashed potato, and maple glazed carrots. Living in Huron, we have great opportunity to try some really unique local pork meals at most restaurants in the area. Many of us would also agree that bacon makes everything better! The tenderloin was perfectly cooked and the date stuffing added a unique and yummy sweetness. The celeriac (celery root) mixed into the mashed potato added that extra tangy flavour.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin braised date stuffing, celeriac mashed potato, maple glazed carrot

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
braised date stuffing, celeriac mashed potato, maple glazed carrot

To finish we had Prosecco Poached Pear and gordon’s goat dairy crema. Booze, fruit and cream: A great mixture to end a meal. This dessert was not crazy sweet and the pear essence was the shining star!

Prosecco Poached Pear and gordon’s goat dairy crema

Prosecco Poached Pear and gordon’s goat dairy crema

Another highlight of Benmiller is its extensive wine list and liquor offerings. One friend even tried a flight of Scotch, which she seemed to enjoy thoroughly!

The taste of Huron winter dining menus run until Feb. 28 and you don’t want to miss out on these yummy meals.

Benmiller Inn & Spa


81175 Benmiller Road, Goderich, ON N7A 3Y1 Canada





Indian Head Massage a Luxury at Benmiller Inn Spa

14 Aug

BenmillerSpaby Diva Christine Harris
Today I had the pleasure of going to the Benmiller Inn to visit the Spa.  I have never visited the Benmiller Inn and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful landscape and decor.  The Maitland River flows through the property as Sharp’s Creek and goes through the old mill as it used to be a pioneer settlement.  The grounds are well kept and the interior has a wonderful rustic feel to it.

I was met at the Spa by Ward who was exceptionally friendly and full of information.  He was telling me that the Indian Head Massage I was to receive initially started out a long time in India as a treatment for hair with oils. But as these treatments went on they were starting to notice many more health and wellness benefits as well.  Today the massage is done without oil, and usually seated in a massage chair.

The RMT in me was very curious about this type of massage since I had never experienced one or knew much about it.  I found myself paying close attention as the massage started and thinking about how it works and why.  As much as I tried to pay attention about half way through my massage I found myself getting quite relaxed and unable to focus and just went with the flow. As Wade had explained it is common to get a bit lightheaded after this type of massage because a lot of blood flow has been brought to the area. He gave me a bit of time to get up on my own and met me out at the desk.  Now in all honestly, I do recommend waiting a while until you drive home or bringing a designated massage driver because when I left I felt very serene and relaxed, and almost ready for a nap. I can still feel the effects of my massage as I sit here typing this in the few hours after, my muscles feel looser and I have an overall sense of tranquility.  This was a wonderful way to start my summer holidays!

Benmiller Inn & Spa
81175 Benmiller Line, Goderich, ON  N7A 3Y1

The Benmiller Inn has luxury accommodations, CAA-rated Four Diamond dining in addition to their wide range of spa services.  Visit the website for more information.

Winterlicious at Benmiller Inn

23 Feb

By: Travel Diva Jenna

Benmiller Winterlicious - Happy Divas

The Group – Ang, Sarah, Jenna, Monica, Kate, Courtney, Griffyn, Katie and Melissa.

I finally got out to my first Taste of Huron Winterlicious event at Benmiller Inn and was it ever delicious! What made the dinner even better was that 7 other divas joined me on this culinary evening, oh plus our token “dude” Gryffin! The Winterlicious events are such a great opportunity for people to try out menus at restaurants across Ontario’s West Coast, Prix Fixe menus, 3 courses and the cost is $29!!!

Benmiller Inn wowed us from the start, before our first course came they served us a mushroom wonton amuse bouche, which indeed made our mouths happy! Of course the whole menu is available during Winterlicious, but all of us decided to go with the special. Between all of us we ordered one of everything. I have always had a tough time getting great photos at Benmiller, since the lighting is low and I never bring extra lights, luckily Katie Schedlich was along with us and had the idea to use our phone lights to make the photos looked posed and perfect… so much better than a flash! Below are the menu options and photos of the food:

Benmiller Winterlicious - Amuse Bouche

Above – Amuse Bouche – Mushroom Stuffed Wontons


Benmiller Winterlicious - Duck RaviolliBenmiller Winterlicious - Pork Soup

Everspring farm Muscovy duck confit ravioli, honey beets, sea buckthorn mirin glaze.
Slow roasted Metzgers pork, udon noodle, dashi broth, chili oil, scallion

Benmiller Winterlicious - Fish and ChipsBenmiller Winterlicious - Gnocchi


Ausable gold potato gnocchi, Wild boar with cranberry & Berkshire pork sausage, Weth shiitake cream sauce
Panko crusted yellow perch goujons, Garlic box scape caper tartar sauce, pomme pont neuf


 Winterlicious - Poached PearWinterlicious - Cheese Plate

Blyth farms chevre with spiced pecan and Inn made lavash
Prosecco poached pear, vanilla ice cream, Johnston’s Apiary honey drizzle

I chose the Roast pork soup, Gnocchi and the poached pear, all of which were wonderful. To be honest I was full after the soup, it had three large pieces of pork that could be a regular serving for a dinner! But of course I was able to find room for the creamy gnocchi and the poached pear. Out of the whole meal I would have to say that my favourite dish was the gnocchi; the wild boar sausage mixed with the perfectly cooked cream sauce and potato dumplings made my taste buds jump for joy!

We left Benmiller feeling happy, full and excited for the next adventure. During the next week I will be heading to Eddingtons and the Black Dog for more Winterlicious dining… I can’t wait! The Taste of Huron Winterlicious runs until March 9, and there are 9 restaurants taking part! For menus and more information visit: www.tasteofhuron.ca




Foodie in Benmiller

19 Jul


By:  Diva Jenna Ujiye

An inn, restaurant, spa and retreat, The Benmiller Inn and spa truly is a gem on Ontario’s West Coast. If you haven’t noticed, I am a foodie and I typically plan my trips around where I am going to eat! Not long ago my friend Rebecca asked if I wanted to head out to Benmiller for a quick lunch. Yay! Of course I wanted to go. I knew chef Spencer would have many items on the menu that I would want to try.

IMG_4626 IMG_4625

I ordered the reuben panini and Rebecca got the smoked cheddar chicken sandwich. As you can see from the photo, the food smelled so good that we ate first and then remembered to take the photo. After we finished we ran in to dining room manager Marianne and she had not started her meal, so I was able to capture the beauty of the plated food. She was having mushroom flatbread and seared flat iron steak with frites.

IMG_4620 IMG_4619

I took some photos of the menu and wanted to try out everything! Now I know I have written about the Benmiller Inn before, so if you read this blog often you will also know that Benmiller has many unique rooms, a pool, meeting rooms and a spa. A perfect oasis for a vacation at any time of the year! They also have some great events, so check out their website here: http://benmiller.ca

Benmiller is located just outside of Goderich in Benmiller Ontario, along the beautiful Maitland River:

Benmiller Inn and Spa
81175 Benmiller Line
Goderich, Ontario
Canada N7A 3Y1

Tel: (800) 265-1711 or (519) 524.2191
Fax: (519) 524.5150

Benmiller Inn – Local Food, Great Atmosphere

8 Mar

benmillerfeb-5 benmillerfeb-3

by Diva Jenna

A couple of weeks ago the divas met at Benmiller Inn to chat about 2013 blog story opportunities and to meet each other!

The meal was seriously awesome. They started us with an amuse bouche – which I just call happy mouth – which had smoked salmon, cream cheese, wasabi and was served on a small potatoe pancake. We all wanted more!


The menu is seasonal and Chef Spencer Vail changes it up fairly often. They also highlight the local producers and farmers of the area, which is something a foodie loves to see. A couple of the Divas ordered off the the prix fixe menu, which is three courses (a couple of choices for each course) and the price point was $29!

We had soups and salads to start and moved on to the main course. We had a variety of dishes including: Chicken Supreme Risotto – Sun dried tomato, roasted red pepper, spinach, chevre, parmesan ($24), Metzger’s Cast Iron Roasted Beef Tenderloin – pommes sarladaise, spring vegetables, whisky spiked hunter sauce ($28) and Willowgrove Hill Pork Chop – sweet and sour cabbage, potato rosti ($28). We were all very pleased with our meals and a couple of the girls even moved on to dessert!

If you are looking for a nice evening out and an excellent meal, Benmiller Inn will definitely impress. Oh and did I mention they also have a great Inn and a spa, but I’ll save that for another story!

For prices, menu or to book please visit – http://www.benmillerinnandspa.com

Good Food, Good Company ~ Valentine’s Day in Huron

13 Feb


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Dinner for Lovers at The Little Inn of Bayfield
Feb 14 –  $65/pp | Menu | five scrumptious courses that include foie gras and flourless chocolate cake! | Gourmet offerings and a cozy atmosphere in Ontario’s longest continually-operating Inn in beautiful, historic Bayfield. | reservations required – call  1-800-565-1832

Valentine’s Day Rendezvous

Valid February 14th, only | Your package includes one night’s accommodation in the best room available on booking, Chef’s special Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu and a hot made-to-order breakfast in the morning. This package is available on February 14th only. | $305 per couple | Gratuities Not Included, Taxes Not Included | Available from 14/02/2013 to 15/02/2013 | Call for reservations:  1-800-565-1832

*   *   * 


Be My Valentine!!

5-course Valentine’s Dinner for Lovers  in the Ivey Dining Room

$39/pp ~ February 11 – 17th

Accommodation Packages Offered All Month Long

Accommodation Packages Offered All Month Long | February Midweek Special – $319 per couple – Best available room at time of booking | $100 dining credit, Breakfast, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a Split of champagne in room at check in

Saturday Night Special

$369 per couple – Best available room at time of booking | $100 dining credit, Brunch on Sunday Morning, Chocolate Covered Strawberries  and a Split of Champagne in room at check in

CALL 1-800-265-1711 for more information

*   *   * 


Cinnamon Jim’s Café in Brussels!

Valentine Open Mic Dinner & Show on Feb 15 | Show hosted by John Bryndza & Dave Hawkins | Two dinner seatings at 6:00pm & 7:15pm. Show @ 8:30 | Call 519-887-8011

*   *   * 


 Valentine’s Dinner at Eddington’s

Exeter – Feb 14 – $95 per couple (+ tax & gratuity) | Appetizer, Entree and a Romantic Dessert for Two | Casual, Fine Dining in Exeter’s oldest House | Fresh Local Ingredients  Menu

*   *   * 


Valentines Dinner at Samuels Hotel

Friday Feb.15, 5:45pm & 8:00pm seating ~ $40pp prix fixe | Shared Starter | Soup or Salad | Main | Shared Finish | Price does not include beverages, taxes, or gratuity. | Call or Email to make your Reservations 519.524.1371 ~ www.samuelshotel.ca ~ kim@samuelshotel.ca

Thyme on 21

Thyme on 21 is offering a special Valentine’s Day Dinner too!  It is sold out, but watch for special Themed Menus being offered in the coming weeks.

How to do plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ontario Travel Divas