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New Menu at the Black Dog in Bayfield!

27 May

By Diva: Jenna Ujiye

Last week the divas met to discuss their summer schedule of events and stories to cover. We met at the Black Dog in Bayfield and were greeted by owner Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh. She mentioned that the new menu was coming out the next day and offered us a sample of two of the new menu items. We tried two of the three amigos and yummy kofta patties in pitas. They were both really yummy and I probably could have stopped eating, but of course, that is not my style! We still had lots of “business” to discuss, so we all ordered. Lisa, Maegan and Trista all had one of the famous burgers and I had the scrumptious chicken curry.

The Black Dog Pub and Bistro has a great menu and a huge variety of on tap beverages and whiskey! Kathleen’s husband Ted is a sommelier and has helped us out at Taste of Huron many times.


The prices range from $5.00  to $16.00 for lunch and $5.00 to $30.00 for dinner. A bonus of this place is the great music that restaurant manager Peter Meades brings in. For more information on upcoming events and specials visit: www.blackdogpubbistro.ca

Oh! for a taste of what they have coming up at the Bayfield Concert Series:

Andy Kim Songs & Stories on Saturday, June 16, 2012

Joel Plaskett with Josh Geddis on Thursday, July 19, 2012



the return of the RADLER!!!!!

1 Apr

OK, so this is very big and very exciting news for me! As I mentioned last night i went to Thyme on 21 for dinner, after that I decided to head to the Black Dog to have a drink and watch the Leaf game. I sat up at the bar and looked up, and it was amazing. Right in front of me was the RADLER! Now, if you are unsure of what the Radler is, I will now inform you/change your life forever. The Radler is a beer that is brewed in Austria from the company stiegle. Now what makes this beer so special you ask? Well, what makes it special is that the Radler is a grapefruit beer! Its light, a little fizzy and tastes like grapefruit! It is ridiculously delicious! Especially on those hot summer days! Its absolutely refreshing. Its unique because its only 2.5%, so you can drink quite a few, and not make a total fool of yourself which is always nice. I know the Radler is nearly impossible to get on draft, but leave it to Ted ( the owner of the Black Dog) to find a way to bring it back! I hope you are all as excited as i am about this! O and a little side note, if you do want your Radler to me a wee bit stronger than a 2.5%, you can always add a shot of vodka to it, little pricey, but totally worth it! If you need to get a hold of me in the next few weeks, I’ll likely be at the pub having a Radler or two 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



Attention all food lovers!!-

7 Mar


Attention all food lovers!!!

Black Dog is open and ready for business! After working for the Black Dog for over four years, I became accustomed to enjoying amazing food and drink on the regular! However, for about a month the Black Dog closed down for renovations, I was going through some serious chicken club and fruili withdrawal! But, as of last Thursday the restaurant has re-opened! Obviously I was there for the opening day to get my chicken club, but get this I didn’t even get the club! Crazy I know! The menu had too many tasty new items to try, so I decided to be adventurous, and it paid off. I ordered the calamari as an app, and the fried eggplant sandwich. Move over club, you have some serious competition!! As usual the food was awesome, and I am pumped to go back and try the chicken divan that’s on the dinner menu, ill let you know how it goes, but I can guarantee it will be wicked!