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Shopping in the county

6 Jul

This afternoon I had a few free hours so I decided to take to the streets and go shopping! Well today was just window shopping, I seem to be a little low on the cash funds, but thats a whole different story. Anyways, I walked down to Main Street in Bayfield to check out the shops and believe you me, if I had more money I would have come home with a whole lotta stuff! That is one thing I love about Huron County, all the unique shops.

I rememeber as a kid whenever I wanted to go shopping I insisted my mother drive me to London so that I could get all the coolest clothes. Well a lot has changed since then and I really love doing my shopping locally. Not only to support our local businesses, but also because the stores in Huron County are so unique. I dont know how many times I have went out wearing an outfit I found at a small boutique and had people gush over it. When I tell them i got it in Bayfield, or on the Square in Goderich, or at a shop in Exeter they always seem shocked. What makes me enjoy it even more is that I rarely, if ever, see someone wearing the same outfit.

Huron County shops allow an individual to express themselves rather than dressing in conformity. I mentioned a few months ago about how I did all my christmas shopping the year before in Huron County and it was really easy! Next time you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, or a new outfit for a wedding, or anything, just head to the many  shops that Huron County has to offer. I would be shocked if you didnt have any luck!