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Yeah Taste of Huron!

13 Jun

By: Diva Jenna

Food isn’t just something that I use to satisfy hunger, I dream about it, make new recipes, create different things and of course spend hours at local Huron County restaurants looking through menu’s and tasting the bounty!

Huron has been celebrating locally grown food for a long time and considering that Huron produces so much food, we should try to celebrate all the time (you know I do). I am excites to finally announce that the 2011 Taste of Huron event is happening from August 29 – September 11. This year the event is even bigger, we’ve partnered up with the West Coast Bluesfest and the Huron Pioneer Threshers. This means that there will be 30 events happening across Huron County in 14 days!

Another exciting part of the Taste of Huron is the wonderful entertainment that will be going on during the event. During the Goderich Farmers Market on Saturday, September 3 Chef’s Andrea Nicholson and Rob Rossi from Top Chef Canada will be judging the local chef competition and then dualing against each other. That same day there is also a tasty blues cafe and two more Blues concerts.

I will be posting on a weekly basis about the events, so i’ll just give you a taste of what is happening for right now! I will say that I am most excited for the 2011 Gala dinner, 5 courses, 5 wines and awesome entertainment for only $100 on September 11! Most of the events are posted and there is everything from Food For thought Dinners, to Culinary Workshops, Locavore Lunches, Brunch’N Blues and more, check out the website at: www.tasteofhuron.ca

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Up, Up and Above!

11 Jun

By: Diva Jenna

Yesterday I went to the Above the Falls Challenge Course with work and boy was it a fun time! I would say team building and communication challenges are in my top 10 of things to do. The Challenge Course has something for everyone all the way from basic to advanced skills. Rob Bundy and Craig Harrison were our guides for the day and they did an awesome job! I would recommend this attraction to anyone, I hope you can all make it out sometime soon!

When we first arrived Rob had the whole group of us do a couple of “get to know each other” games and then we headed out on the course. We were split in to two groups, I was in a group where we had to “build a bridge” consisting of 3 pieces of wood and 5 posts to put the wood in. Long story short we had to do a bit of balancing and physical work, but spent most of the time trying how to figure out how to get all of us across.

Next we headed to the climbing tower where we suited up in harnesses and helmets. This is where we all got to look pretty nerdy! Everyone got a chance to climb or sit and watch. I will say… I could not make it to the top, this proves to me that I need to work harder and get stronger. I also came home with a giant bruise on my arm, in which Rob and Craig called a “medal.” We had such an awesome day and I can’t wait to go back and make it to the top. We had some really fast climbers in the group and it was really great to see! Oh and of course, I can’t forget the food… We had the lunch catered in from the Benmiller Inn, they made us a paperless lunch which consisted of an assortment of pitas, veggies and dip, fruit and homemade dessert buns, yummy!!! Check out some more photos and video from the day below, if you are interested in taking the challenge visit: www.abovethefalls.com

Remembering: The beach in 2010

5 May

So the weather of spring 2011 has not been the greatest so far… So I thought I would post a story of the beach and campfires in the summer of 2010 to remind everyone of what is soon to come!

My friend Shawna called me up in June and said that her and her daughter Hilary wanted to come up to my house and go to the beach and camp out. We decided on a weekend in July. Hilary and Shawna got here around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we immediately headed to the beach in Port Albert. It was almost 30 degrees and the sun was shining. We set up our towels and a shade umbrella and ran into the water. Was it ever refreshing! The three of us played mermaid games in the water and watched as boats went by further out. Then we played in the sand for a bit, went back in the water and cleaned the sand off and headed back to my house for a barbecue, campfire and of course to set up the tent! After setting up the tent we sat by the campfire, made s’mores and played with sparklers.

At the beach in Port AlbertShawna and Hilary at the beach in PA

Hilary at the beach

CampfireThe Tent

A Winter Walk and Lunch

6 Mar

Friday lunches with co-workers is one of my favorite gatherings of the week. We don’t go out every week, but try to get out once in a while!

Today we decided to walk from our office over to a restaurant called Thyme on 21. The owner Peter King met us at the door and asked to hang our coats. Great customer service!

We sat down and were brought our drinks and some of their delicious homemade onion and sage bread. Someone told me they had the recipe once… if anyone has it, send it along to me!

We all ordered different items and the conversation really went quite when the food made it to the table. I was yet again impressed with Peter and crew at Thyme on 21. Great, local, yummy food.

If you want more information, you can visit www.thymeon21.com


Check out the photos below!

Crabcakes with Salad

Quicke of The Day with Soup and Salad

Quicke of The Day with Soup and Salad

The Local Thyme on 21 producer List (I love when restaurants tell us this!)

Luncheon Salad – with proscuitto!

Cross Country Skiing

6 Mar

It was in my plans to become a cross country skier this year… and it’s looking like 2012 is a more likely option.

I love downhill skiing, but there aren’t many hills close by, so I thought, why not start cross-country skiing. In Huron county we have many trails in the area that have awesome cross country skiing. As of yesterday I was thinking the general skiing season was going to be over. The temperature started going up and it rained most of today, meaning that a good amount of the snow melted… but it has now snowed a couple of inches, so here’s hoping we get the snow back!

Some of my reasoning around wanting to cross county ski had to do with going out with a crew last year and videoing their time.Check out the video below to see what we got up to!

If you are interested in checking out the hills and trails in Huron County, click on the map below!

Huron County Ski Map

Huron County Ski Map