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A great lunch and a new Diva

4 Mar

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

The past two months I have been emailing back and forth with a new friend and the newest Ontario Travel Diva. I would like to welcome Trista Russel of Exeter on as our newest Diva. Trista has lived in Huron County most of her life and loves to attend local events, attractions and restaurants.

Diva Trista Russell

We decided to meet at one of my favourite local restaurants in Huron is Eddingtons of Exeter. Chef James always has a great menu with unique local food items on it. The menu changes seasonally, so I try to make it there at least every three months. On Friday I had the Gourmet Mac & Cheese and Trista had the daily soup and chicken wrap special and of course it was served with warm fresh bread and butter!

After we finished our main course Chef James came out and we had a nice chat about local events and where he gets some of the fresh food he serves. On Thursday nights it is Gourmet Pizza night, I haven’t made it down yet, but I hear it is amazing and I plan on getting there soon… Baked Potato and Bacon Pizza, yum!

I’m really excited for Trista to come on board with the Divas, after spending an hour with her I could tell that she will have some great posts and photos to come!

For more information on Eddingtons you can find them on Facebook or visit http://www.eddingtons.ca/


Taste of Huron is over :(

13 Sep

Hello all!!!

Alright so just this past weekend, Taste of Huron came to an end… I had mixed feelings about this. I was slightly saddened. For two weeks I ate the best food that Huron County had to offer. A minimum of three courses, all which included a fantastic dessert! I ate at the Blyth Inn, the Black Dog, the Little Inn, Eddingtons, Hessenland, the Fireside Cafe and finally I finished the Taste of Huron of with the Gala. All the restaurants were so fantastic and I enjoyed them all.

I am however feeling a slight sense of relief.. I ate soooo much in the last two weeks, I wont lie to you. I may have gained a few pounds, but it was totally  worth it!

I will provide a short slideshow of just a few of the delicious things I was able to consume ..

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YOU SHOULD BE! that was only about a quarter of what I got to eat! But no worries my friends, the Taste of Huron is an annual event and now you KNOW that you MUST come and attend Taste of Huron next year!


Eating at Eddingtons

24 Aug

Hey all, Obviously Jenna and I wont be able to post many things in the next bit due to whats happening in Goderich. Jenna is super busy trying to figure out things with the Taste of Huron and running around loving Huron County right now isnt really an option. I did however decide to post about events that happened before the tornado.

Last weekend, JD and I went out for dinner at Eddingtons in Exeter. I had been there for lunch at the beginning of the summer, and knew if dinner was half as good as lunch I had to try it.

We sat on the patio, which is really neat. it was formally a pool, that they took out and covered with wood.  It looks really awesome . Its tucked away from traffic and has a very private atmosphere.

The food was outstanding! Jd ordered a caesar salad to start, and I had lobster perogies! yaaaa baby!  So ridiculously tasty!

For our mains I had the local pork tenderloin, with garlic smashed potatoes and veg. Jd had,  oh wait for this one, a breaded chicken breast topped with a HUGE chunk of brie. O my goodness, amazing!

Everything about this place is perfect. The decor, the service, and food, and drink. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I think everyone needs to check it out when they are ready for a nice night out 🙂




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A visitor from Banff – Part 2

24 May

On Tuesday we had a lunch meeting with Kaylie in Exeter. Marie wanted to see the area, so I wanted to make sure we drove through most of the County! We had already toured through Gorrie, Wroxeter, Wingham, Lucknow, Dungannon, Port Albert and Goderich, so Exeter was a perfect place to go.

When we got to Exeter the owner of Eddingtons, James, came out and chatted with us about a few things, including the Taste of Huron event! Kaylie already posted about our wonderful meal, but I thought I would add some more pictures of the food! Marie is quite the foodie and she loves to try different things, she mentioned that she even once ate Guinea Pig! I’ve never really eaten a rodent, but I guarenteed her that this meal would be better!

yummy bread!Spring RollsMaries meal

After our awesome meal at Eddington’s, we decided to try and find a White Squirrel. Exeter is known for their white squirrels and we hoped they wouldn’t be too hard to find! As luck would have it, as soon as we exited Edingtons, we spotted one, but didn’t have the good camera to get a close up. So we ran to the vehicle and followed the squirrel around the block!

White Squirrel

Our next destination was Hayter’s Turkey in Dashwood Ontario! I try to make it to the Hayter’s turkey store once a month… it is literally a one stop shop for turkey products. They have the turkey’s right on site, you can buy everything from whole turkey’s, soups, gravies, breasts, sausages and more. They also have a liquor store and local food products right on site. We bought a tonne of food and had a wonderful experience. They will even pack frozen foods in cardboard with ice so that it doesn’t thaw on it’s own! My favourite treat from Hayters is the pepperettes.

On the way home, we decided to stop in to Bayfield for a bit of shopping and a refreshing drink. Some of the stores weren’t open yet, but we still made a couple of purchases downtown! As you see from the photos, we had fun at the Copenhagens ice cream cone and our friend Becca at the Albion served us a refreshing beverage!

Check out tomorrows post for more of our Huron County tour!

Chillin with some white squirrels!

10 May

Hello my friends,

I just got home from a wonderful day in the home of the white squirrel, that’s right, Exeter! Jenna, her friend Marie, and I decided to head to Exeter and go to Eddingtons restaurant. Jenna spoke very highly of this place, and I had never been, so we decided to go enjoy lunch. I have to say, I am a little angry with myself that I have never been to Eddingtons before. The food was amazing!!! Very cute place, that is actually an old house. Its fairly tiny, seats between 50-60 I would say, but wow it was amazing. I made sure I took a quick peak at the dinner menu before I left, and I have already figured out what I will be ordering when I go back!!

Ok, food time. For starters we shared spring rolls and brushetta, which looked like a delicious small pizza! O and they also brought us out some wonderful bread to start as well. For out mains I had a chicken and brie panini, Jenna had a Hayters turkey wrap, and Marie order a mahi fish sandwich. We were all very please. Actually I am eating my left overs as I type this, mmmm.

We were lucky too, because the owner gave us a tour of the restaurant and took us back to the patio which is not open just yet for the season. The patio is beautiful, very private. I recommend everyone check out this restaurant, and not just if you are in the area. GO TO THE AREA!  You will not be disappointed. Just make sure you make a reservation from what I gathered It is a fairly busy place!

Make sure you check out the pics of all the yumminess!!

If you want to check out the menu for yourself, visit: http://www.eddingtons.ca/


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